Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HSGS: H St. Gets a Dedicated Gourmet Pizza Spot


Pizza by I'm George
Pizza, a photo by I'm George on Flickr
You probably noticed the dumpster that was recently parked in front of 1118 H Street (the former home of Birdland), and wondered exactly what might be going on. H Street Great Street has the full scoop. Apparently it's slated to become a gourmet pizza joint called Kith and Kin.
-four potential crust types: whole wheat, regular, nine-grain, gluten-free;
-vegan options (I'm assuming this means Daiya Cheese);
-dine-in or carry-out only.

You can currently secure gourmet pizza at Liberty Tree (1016 H Street), but at one point there were are least three other gourmet pizza places planned for the H Street Corridor. Radius at the Ohio (1380 H Street) is a definite no go. I think that building is for lease right now.

Desperado Pizza, AKA Angelico La Pizzeria, AKA Il Garage, AKA Slice of Life, was slated to open up in the old Sun and Moon building at 1387 H Street. Everything seemed to be moving pretty quickly on this project, and the concept kept evolving, and then it just stopped...abruptly. The same team later announced plans to open a pizza and sandwich shop (called, um, Angelico) at 1421. I haven't noticed any recent action on this one.


Anonymous said...

Liberty Tree is still some of my favorite pizza in the city... I occasionally dream of the G Special.

Anonymous said...

The lights were on at 1421 one evenign last week, and they seem to have a take out counter right inside the front door. We'll see what happens. They did what looks like a horrible job on building rennovations- I'm not sure it would pass a structural engineering inspection- unless it's all cosmetic. The new windows look like they could fall out with a stiff wind, since the frames don't seem square at ALL!

Dave B said...

Liberty Tree, sorry I havent been there in months, so maybe you ahve already fulfilled the request I am about to make: can you bring back the egg and prosciutto pizza

Anonymous said...

Kith & Kin Pizza Kitchen? What kind of name is this? WIll they be playing Keltic music as well? Nothing says delicious gourmet pizza like Kith & Kin!

Anonymous said...

kith and kin (kth n kn)
1. One's acquaintances and relatives.
2. One's relatives.

Anonymous said...

I met the owners a little while back, they seem to be pretty dedicated in their product. They plan on being open late and offering tasty pizza. Should be a good addition to H st.

Anonymous said...

Finally! Some quality (I hope) pizza on H Street...will definitely be going!

andrew said...

What ever happened to Vendetta?

Anonymous said...

yeah, what happened to Vendetta, and what i likely to happen at the old Sun & Moon building at 14th & H?

Anonymous said...

or Joe's Coal House,for that matter?

Chris said...

The last time I asked here about Vendetta or Joe's Coal, I think Joe Englert appeared and used the expression "on hiatus." I never saw any evidence that Joe's Coal had been that far along; but two H Street Festivals ago, there were signs in the window of where Vendetta was supposed to go, marketing it. It's a real shame those two places seem to have faded away.