Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fire at (Vacant) Webb Elementary

Sent in by an alert reader:

From: "Street Closure"
Date: July 9, 2012 11:29:21 PM EDT
To: "Trinidad"
Subject: A 2 alarm fire
MPD reports a 2 alarm fire and road closure at 1300 block of Mt Olive RD and Trindad ST NE, due to Webb Elementary school on fire. School security notified. The school is used for a warehouse. Avoid the area.


Apparently the building sustained heavy damage, and the cause of the fire is still unknown. No injuries have been reported. Here's some video, from ABC7.


SchoolsOutForSummer said...

Doesn't surprise me at all. I get that we just had the Fourth of July fireworks craze - but for months prior to that (and afterwards) there are unsupervised, (I would argue un-parented) children running around with roman candles and the like. I've had to call in about kids doing this in and around Wheatley dozens of times (which I've done because fire alarms are set off in the building all the time). Of course, not that the city can do anything about it except chase the kids off... as though they won't just return twenty minutes later. I don't blame the cops though - even if they could do something it's not like there's a lot of faith in the DC juvenile justice system.

I wouldn't dare attempt to solve the problem myself though - lest I be reminded not to tell someone "how to raise their kids" - not that there's much raising going on.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I doubt fireworks were the cause- they'd have to be fired through a window or something to the inside.

Rather, it was probably a fire started from the inside. Neighbors asked the city to secure the building, as it was COMPLETELY unlocked and insecure- could just walk right in. It wasn't uncommon to see people hanging out inside at night.

The city refused to even lock the building, so this is what we get. Thanks Mayor Gray!

HumanPillow said...

i have a conspiracy theory - the fire was set intentionally so that the building could be razed and sold to developers, who will build mixed use condos/hipster lofts. Mark my words!

StreetCarnamed... said...


*this* is going to be the solution for the streetcar barn controversy!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I smell smoke and conspiracy as well. Part of a plan to bring more big box retail from over the MD line?


Anonymous said...

If it was set on purpose, it's not much of a conspiracy, and frankly, since no Charter school seems to have the resources to re-open it, the thing should be sold off and developed. It is just a big waste of space dragging that whole end of the neighborhood down.

RunEmRunEm said...

they tryin to take norff trinidad over!!!

andrew said...

Did anyone else notice that the building looks like it's sagging in that news footage?

Diane J said...

The 2-alarm fire was VERY scary!
First, kudos to our Fire Department for their very quick response. Second, another thanks to the DCPD who worked hard to keep people out of the area so the DCFD could do their job. Finally, thanks to my neighbor, Mr. Bing -- who called the DCFD.

As for other comments -- the building doors are reported to have been welded shut and others were chained closed. My neighbors report seeing someone inside the building.

I trust that our new Councilman Kenyan McDuffie will take this and other unused buildings seriously -- as it is a blight in the community and a danger to behold. Not to mention the fact that our community's children are shuttled all over the city for school, an empty abandoned bulding "used for storage" is just not in the best interest of the community. -- Go store stuff up on Capital Hill!

I hope all of us as neighbors and community members do what we can to demand more from our elected officials. With two councilmembers in jail and a mayor under investigation -- I have my concerns.

But let's also remember -- the building was shut down and left abandoned by the Fenty/Rhee administration.

Diane J.