Friday, September 14, 2012

Grace Park of Park's Hardware Hospitalized

A reader writes in with the following note:

I spoke with someone who works at Park Hardware and apparently Mrs. Park was hit by a car recently and is in the hospital. The details were kind of hazy but from what I could gather, she walks every morning near Maryland Ave and was hit by a car turning off of Maryland Ave. She's is supposedly going to be in the hospital for a month. I don't believe they are looking for anything but I'm sure they could use the uptick in business.

Anyone who has shopped at Park's Hardware (920 H Street) knows Grace Park, who is almost always at the store. You might want to stop by Park's if you need some hardware or cleaning item in the near future. They also make keys, and have some garden stuff in the back room.

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They also have some cool relics of hardware past: