Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Toki Hosts Pop-Up Library at H Street Festival

books by ali edwards
books, a photo by ali edwards on Flickr
Toki Underground Pop Up Library

Toki Underground will be hosting a pop up library this Saturday during the H Street Festival from 11am. to 4pm. The restaurant is teaming up with the Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization to raise awareness about the importance of having librarians in D.C. schools.  With funding cut over the summer, 16,000 students and 57 schools are without a librarian this semester.

Toki Underground will be accepting book donations on Wednesday evening (7pm. to 10pm.), all day Friday (9am to 9pm), as well as on the day of the event. For every two gently used books donated, donators will receive a $1 coupon to Toki Underground.

Please donate all books at this address:
1244 Wylie Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

Toki Underground will not be serving food during the pop up library and will reopen for service at 5pm.


Kids books are preferred, but any books will work. That said, this is probably not the best place to unload your old Civ Pro text book.


Anonymous said...

Do the books need to be for children? Or will any books be accepted?

Anonymous said...

Very nice thing to do. Do they want only hardbacks?

inked said...

Kids books are preferred, but any books will do.

Anonymous said...

I have a few boxes of old books, mostly horror/mystery/scifi paperbacks. Is there a limit for the coupons? Lolz.

Jake S. said...

As the son of an elementary school librarian for over 30 years, this makes me very happy. I will bring what I can. Props to Erik and whoever else is involved for this excellent idea.