Tuesday, October 09, 2012

ToT: Huge Brew Pub Coming to Trinidad

Titan of Trinidad has a massive scoop about a new brew pub and outdoor bar coming to Bladensburg Road (1200,1212, 1214, 1216  Bladensburg Rd., NE). The new establishment, named Bardo, will replace a large outdoor tire lot. This place is REALLY big. 98 seats indoors, and 251 seats in the summer garden. Awesome news for Bladensburg Road, and Trinidad more generally!

Announcement of the ABRA app. after the jump.

Posting Date:    October 5, 2012

Petition Date:    November 19, 2012

Hearing Date:    December 3, 2012
License No.:     ABRA-090430

Licensee:          Bardo, LLC

Trade Name:    Bardo

License Class:  Retailer’s Class “C” Tavern

Address:           1200,1212, 1214, 1216  Bladensburg Rd., NE


New Tavern, Brewpub with microwave nachos, outdoor BBQ grill for Summer Garden.

No entertainment at all. T-Shirt sales.  No other goods and services.  No dance floor.  Total number of seats inside is 98, Summer Garden with 251 seats, and a total Occupancy Load of 349.


Sunday through Thursday:  11am – 2 am, Friday and Saturday: 11 am – 3 am


Sunday through Thursday: 11 am – 2 am- Friday and Saturday: 11 am – 3 am



Sunday through Thursday: 11 am – 2 am, Friday and Saturday: 11 am – 3 am


Davy Crockett's Hat said...

Just wait till Veronica Raglin gets that property designated as historic...

Anonymous said...

How can you get there at night? *scary*

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that people will find their way...but if you're scares anonymous, there is a simple solution. STAY HOME!

Anonymous said...

I used to go to Bardo's and Dremo's about ten years ago. It was a nice place to drink.

Anonymous said...

Long-term DC-ers will remember this is the same owner that owned Bardo out in Clarendon (or was it Courthouse?). Back in the early/mid 90s it was considered a pretty hip place.

curmudgeon said...

Yep, this is an attempt to bring back something approximating the original Bardo Rodeo. Which is cool, if it comes close. I loved Bardo.

But I'll believe it happens when I see it. When the original Bardo died, there were *lots* of stories about attempts to bring it back, and none of them ever came to fruition. And the story about this in the Going Out Gurus blog on the Washington Post website shows some naivety by the owner (Expect to be open 3-4 months after receiving building permit/liquor license? Good luck with that.)

Anonymous said...

That little red building at1216 is kind of cute, but otherwise anything on that block would look better.

Diego Rivera said...

mmm, microwave nachos!

Anonymous said...

oh F*CK yeah!!

Anonymous said...

How did this go unnoticed by Kathy Henderson? She will not be disenfranchised!

Anonymous said...

That's right by the Denny's, right? Denny's is at 1250 Bladensburg Rd. That seems a little far for people walking up from H Street, but let's hope it does all right there. We could use some businesses along Bladensburg Rd.

Anonymous said...

I live near the Starburst and am psyched at this news but every time I've walked up to Jimmy Valentines, I'm wary about getting jacked on the street, which is a distinct possibility at night. I'm no victim either, just well aware of the dangers on this strip of Bladensberg from the weekly MPD5 yahoo crime updates. Hope that'll change with more young professionals moving into the Flats.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 1:14 AM - I've lived past Jimmy's since before Jimmy's was there (2006) and I walk up that stretch of road every night. The street lighting has helped a lot and the through traffic (cars and people) helps keep crime away from the immediate area. People should obviously be street-smart - even better if they can walk in pairs, but I think it is getting better and should continue to improve as more businesses open up along the area.

Now what do you think about DC DOT looking to buy and restore old streetcars instead of proceeding with its most recent plan for H Street? http://dcist.com/2012/10/dc_considering_historic_streetcars.php

Anonymous said...

I'm worried about people walking up that way. All that Section 8 housing over there. It's a little dangerous. *scary*

inked said...

I'm going to pretend that you aren't displaying the same verbal ticks that you do every time you troll on this blog, and actually go ahead and respond to you.

There are only a handful (if even) of houses on that stretch of Bladensburg Road. I count 2-3 occupied houses, and one vacant one. There's also the Flats at Atlas, the Atlas Lofts, and the transitional housing for 15 women at Hyacinth Place. When you write Section 8, I think you mean Housing Chouce Vouchers, which, as the name implies, can be used anywhere a landlord will accept them. They are not tied to any given unit.

If you are that worried about it, don't go there. But I probably don't need to write that since I'm guessing that you rarely leave your computer.