Friday, December 21, 2012

Police Activity at 9th & H

the show must go on by philliefan99
the show must go on, a photo by philliefan99 on Flickr
I've seen tons of reports of MPD activity at 9th and H Street this morning. I'm also getting reports of several loud pops (possible gunshots) this morning around 7am. There is definitely a rumor going around that someone was shot in connection with some sneakers (which I assume were coming out today, based on the long lines). The thing is, I didn't get a police alert, and I can't find any official reports of a shooting anywhere.  So for now,  it's shots fired and police response. I'll update as I hear more. Please send me any info at elise.bernard[at] if you have a tip, or more info.

Here's some of what I've seen on Twitter:

UPDATE (tweet from a DCist reporter 
Sounds like shots fired, but no one was shot.


A reader witnessed the entire thing. Here's his story:

I witnessed the whole thing after my morning run. There was a line - about 50 so people, mostly 15 to 21, waiting for DLTR to open. Three young men approached from 9th Str wearing black hoodies and one pulled out a handgun. At this point the whole crowd ran out to the street just as one of the young men started shooting at point blank range. He fired about 6 to 8 shots before leaving up 9th - probably getting into a car with the two men he walked up with. 

Miraculously, we couldn't find anyone that was hit. Just bullet marks in the sidewalk.


More Twitter reports after the jump.


Anonymous said...

I just rode past DTLR on the was all sectioned off, and police put down evidence tags next to bullets on the sidewalk. people were still waiting in line though...

Anonymous said...

I was sitting at the light at H & 8th St coming east around 7am this morning. Suddenly I saw a mass of people run across H street (from DTLR), followed by/intermixed with a series of shots. There was some screaming and general chaos. I did not see anyone get shot, but that's not in any way conclusive.

Anonymous said...

Air Jordan 11 “Playoffs”

that is the real story here, Nike is to blame for the shooting

4th and G said...

In response, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre called on Congress to place an armed law enforcement official at every shoe store in America.

Anonymous said...

really? sneakers?
or just a stupid excuse for three punks to shoot up a crowd. the store was not open yet so no sneakers. no robbery. must have been a target banger on line. witnesses. 50 frickin people and no witnesses. suprise suprise!

inked said...

There were witnesses. I'm assuming these guys thought they could rob someone who might have cash to buy the shoes.

Anonymous said...

This is the third time this week that gunshots have been around the 8th/H ish area. First, there was the guy at 6th and G that got shot in the leg. Then, Wednesday, I heard gunshots around 8th and H in the evening and now this. What is going on? Christmas robbery rush?

blue horseshoe said...

8th and H is a hot mess all day long. total mess. live long and prosper family liquor, um i mean pharmacy. rock on jerome

pat said...

Who tries to conduct a hit or robbery in the middle of
a crowd of 50 people?

Who the heck is up at 5:30 AM on a saturday to buy shoes?

Christmas Shoes anyone?

Alan Page said...

"Who the heck is up at 5:30 AM on a saturday to buy shoes?"

The same people who camp out overnight for Black Friday sales?