Saturday, January 05, 2013

First Look at Mother Ruckers Subs

Today is opening day at Mother Ruckers Subs at 1101 Bladensburg Road. I stopped in with some friends to check the place out. Right now, they are open from 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday. Also, they are cash only (they may get an ATM in the future).
The sandwiches are tasty, and there is no skimping on the ingredients. I tried the Godfather #2 (mortadella, capiricolla, ham, provolone) for $6.50. I went in feeling very hungry, but only made is a little under halfway through my sandwich before I felt stuffed (despite having skipped breakfast). The ingredients are fresh, and everything is made to order. DSC_0002
If you ever visited Sullivan's, you'll be in for a surprise when you see the new space. It's a totally open kitchen, and the bulletproof glass is gone. In fact, the whole place got such a thorough scrubbing and makeover, that I wouldn't have recognized it as the same building from the inside. Right now, they are carryout only, but there is plenty of space for a few tables, and mentioned plans to add some in the future.
DSC_0005 DSC_0003
No shortage of coldcuts here!


Reader CintyAmericana sent in these two additional photos of Mother Ruckers (#9). photo-1 photo-2


Anonymous said...

What i like about this place is that they don't skimp on the meat. Staff was friendly and everything was fresh. fyi i got the spicy Italian.

TheD said...

So glad there's another close option for those of us in Langston-Carver neighborhood. Good food right outside my door!

Anonymous said...

Looks a good sandwich!

Anonymous said...

Except for the two disembodied hands that the sandwich is served in...looks like something out of a halloween party!

Anonymous said...

I went there this week and just like the previous comment they do give you a lot of meat on the sub. They currently have coupons that you can use same day at the counter that offers a combo (drink and chips) as well as one for $1 off a regular sub.

The staff was very friendly and they live in the neigborhood. Now if they offered a multigrain or wheat roll I'd jump for joy. It will not keep me for going back and making my way through the menu.