Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reader Photo: All Roads Lead to the Moon

all roads lead to the moon by philliefan99

Reader Phillip Yabut shares another of his awesome H Street photos of us. This one looks like it was shot from the Hopscotch Bridge looking east.


DT said...

Latest streetcar news:

(cue the I told you so's)

Robby Mann-Thompson said...

Awesome? What's awesome about it? No seriously, what's the subject of the photo? It seems rather sloppy actually.

caroline said...

What's sloppy about it? I think it's an excellent photo. What a strange comment.

Anonymous said...

I like the depth in the photo (created by the row of street lights) and I like the moon as it appears to be floating up there in the sky. It may just be a snapshot, but it's an interesting one. Maybe the moon will fall on a streetcar one day.

Robby Mann-Thompson said...

It's a lazy easy shot, again what's the subject of the photo. It could be a run way for god's sake. Caroline, I'm sorry, but awesome is for something really awesome. Standing on the hop scotch bridge taking a snap shot isn't awesome. It may be cool, and folks may like it. But really what's the subject. Is it H street? The Moon? The lights? What?

Photography, like poetry isn't a free for all art form. Every photo isn't art no more than every powerfully performed poem is really good poetry.