Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Outlaw Heroes at NoMa Summer Screen

NoMa Summer Screen Lineup Announced: OUTLAW HEROES!

NoMa Also Presents Third Family Film Series at Sursum Corda

Washington, D.C., April 8, 2013 - Mark your calendars now for NoMa Summer Screen, the neighborhood's most anticipated event of the year, with 13 weeks of OUTLAW HERO films! Now in its sixth year, the award-winning outdoor film series will feature classic American westerns, space invasion thrillers, 80's comedies, and more.

NoMa Summer Screen is a free, 13-week outdoor film series in NoMa, Washington, D.C.'s fastest growing neighborhood. Every Wednesday from May 22 to August 21, hundreds of neighbors gather at 7 p.m. for music, giveaways, food trucks, picnicking, and fun for the whole family. Films start at dark. All movies are screened with subtitles. Coolers, children and friendly (leashed) dogs are welcome. The films will be shown at 2nd and L Street NE.

Outlaw Heroes:
* May 22: Indiana Jones: Last Crusade
* May 29: Star Trek (The Future Begins, 2009)
* June 5: The Princess Bride
* June 12: The Italian Job (2003)
* June 19: Goonies
* June 26: Breakfast Club
* July 3: The Fugitive
* July 10: Bridesmaids
* July 17: Moonrise Kingdom
* July 24: True Grit
* July 31: Hunger Games
* August 7: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
* August 14: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
* August 21: Rain Date

Now in its third year, the NoMa BID will also sponsor Family Film Night at Sursum Corda, where families and children gather for free family-centric movies (also fitting the 'Outlaw Hero' theme) and free food. Family Film Night will take place on four Tuesdays this summer:
* June 18: How to Train Your Dragon
* July 9: Brave
* July 23: The Incredibles
* August 6 (in conjunction with National Night Out): Toy Story 3
The event starts at 7 p.m. with kid-centric activities and free food. Films start at dark.


Anonymous said...


Poo poo said...

Wow. Sursum corda has come a loooooong way. There was a time when even cops were hesitant to go near there!

Look it up, anon. U might learn a bit of history about this great city of mine.....

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would just tell us where this is.

Anonymous said...

why would we tell you and lose out on our great view?

Rayful Edmond said...

This post is incorrect. Only Family Nights are at Sursum Corda. Should actually be called Tranny Nights given its location.

The weekly movies will be presented at its usual location at 2nd and L Street next to the Loree Grand.

inked said...

Rayful, reread the post. It never says that all the movies are showing at Sursum Corda.

The post is just the original press release (which didn't give any addresses).
But yeah, the movies are shown at 2nd & L St NE.

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't you just write "2nd and L"? That simple.

poo poo said...

sometimes i love the idiocy of the comments on this blog. sometimes i just feel bad for the ding dong behind them.

reflexive said...

you may not want to go there, but people who live in "the projects" will.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Thats right over by THE CRUCIBLE!

the poo said...

but... can't we just type the address out? i mean, how will i know how to get there? sometimes i feel like this blog leaves addresses out, just so that i won't show up because of my horrible hygiene. sooooo fascist!

the poo said...

wait! i just found out about this thing called "google"!

no worries. i can figure out where it is, all by my lonesome!

thanks for the heads up, inked!

Anonymous said...

I wish there were more details . There may be poor turn out because there is no location information.

inked said...

The post says 2nd L St NE.