Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guest Post: Checking Out 360° H

Photo of a two bedroom unit's kitchen by Alan Page

Reader Alan Page writes in to describe his recent visit to 360° H, the new mixed-use development on the north side of the 300 block of H Street.

I had an opportunity to visit 360° H (the apartment complex right above the new Giant at 3rd and H) and I was able to learn a lot about the building. As you may already know, the building offers studios, one bedrooms and two bedrooms. The building features a 24 hour concierge, a private entrance to the 24 hour Giant (so you don't even have to step outdoors to get that jar of spaghetti sauce you need), a gym, a courtyard, a party room (with pool table, TVs, etc) that can be rented for private parties at $150/hour (or accessed for free, as long as you don't mind other residents walking in to enjoy it with you) and free wi-fi throughout the building.

The cheapest two bedroom is around $3100. Prices go up roughly $15/floor as you go up (so if you like a model, but would like to go up a floor higher, you'd pay $15/month extra for that). The Affordable Dwelling Unit is limited to applicants who earn over $60,000/year, but less than $77,000 (although the salary requirements are variable depending on the size of your household). All of the units have loads of natural light and come with a front-loading washer/dryer combo.

The building is pretty nice. I aslo noticed they were breaking ground on the site next to Kaiser Permanente, catty-corner from the new Giant and across the street from Senate Square, so even more  density is on the way for the corridor.


Unknown said...

What if you make less than $60K?

YourStylist said...

Thanks Alan, Nice kitchen! I wonder how the rent compares to the building behind it on I street. It isn't as tall but it is as conveniently located.

Alan Page said...


I think if you make less than $60k, you wouldn't be able to afford an affordable unit in that building. However, I'm sure there are affordable units in other developments where units are available for DC residents earning less than $60K.

Alan Page said...


Two bedrooms at Ava are listed in the $2500 range on their website. I'm not sure about the differences in amenities between the two buildings, other than what I can glean from Ava's website. The main difference I can see is that 360 H offers a 24 concierge and Ava's website makes no mention of that as an amenity.

Based on Ava's website and personally visiting 360 H, both buildings appear to offer:

- wi-fi (although Ava offers it in "chill spots" while 360 H told me they offer it building wide
- courtyard
- fitness room
- in unit washer/dryer
- stainless steel appliances

I would have to visit Ava to get an idea of how the buildings compare from a quality perspective (comparing the quality of the fitness rooms, forexample).

Alan Page said...

That is the URL for AVA's website, by the way.

Alan Page said...

I'm always curious to read people's thoughts about housing prices/rental rates.

Are there renters who would find value in living on H Street proper as opposed to I Street (even though it's only one block away)?

Is there added value in having a grocery store as part of the building as opposed to walking to it? The one Yelp review I read on Ava was written by someone who advised against walking on H Street "at ill advised times", so perhaps even the ability to access the Giant 24 hours without walking around the block might appeal to some people (I walk around the neighborhood at any hour I need to, personally). And by "appeal", I mean some people may pay more in rent for that privilege.

The Ava Yelp review can be read here:

Leila said...

I live in AVA and LOVE it! From what I can tell from the photo of 360 H, the kitchens are of the same caliber, but the floor plans at AVA are way more open and free flowing. AVA also has a younger, hip vibe, as well as many building activities to promote socializing. It's definitely cheaper rent than 360 H and the management and facilities teams are excellent as well. Concierge service ends at 6 pm I believe, though. I'd be happy to answer other questions if people are curious!

Tom A. said...

woah. $3100 for a 2 bedroom apt on H street. Above a grocery store. "Affordable" units have a salary minimum of 60k. Meanwhile, DC has 70,000 people on a waiting list for "affordable" housing. There are more than that in need, but since they hit 70,000 they closed it since they know most of the 70,000 will never access it anyway.

Did they not have *truly* affordable units in their city approval process?

Honestly, sometimes (albeit rarely) I hate this city.

Alan Page said...

@Tom A.

The affordable housing crisis in the city is real, but please don't let it draw you into hating DC (even temporarily). I just emailed you and cc-ed a local affordable housing activist (Mary Young) who has mobilized a citywide campaign around this issue. There are people working to fight for affordable housing, don't despair and please get involved!

TB63 said...

Any mention of rental rates for the affordable dwelling units? And if there is a wait list?

Justin said...

Granite countertops. Fake wood floors. Bottom-end appliances sheathed in stainless steel... all for a price that's roughly the equivalent of the mortgage on a $500,000 home?

This is disgusting and embarrassing. I'd rather go homeless & sleep in a van than pay so much for so little.

Andrew said...

I visited Ava while by SO was looking for a new apartment.

While the building was generally rather nice, we noticed that the builders seem to have cut an awful lot of corners. In particular, the bedroom doors are designed to not completely close, which made the place a complete dealbreaker for us.