Monday, May 20, 2013

Have Your Tires Been Slashed/Punctured?

Tyre by Sean MacEntee
Tyre, a photo by Sean MacEntee on Flickr

There have been a rash of tire punctures/slashings on the northeastern portion of Capitol Hill. Here's info from a local listserv:

Within the past week there has been a pattern of Destruction of Property offenses that have occurred in the northeast area of 1D. The offenses are concentrated in the area of 12th St to 14th Street NE, E St to G St NE, and occur during the evening hours. In each incident the suspect(s) have either slashed or punctured tires of parked vehicles. The officers who work in the area have been made aware of this pattern and we would also like to alert the community as well. As with all other crimes, if you see any suspicious activity or persons – call 911 immediately. Anonymous information may also be texted to 50411.

Commander Daniel P. Hickson
First District
101 M Street SW
Washington, DC 20024
(202) 729-2037 Office
(202) 270-2279 Cell

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Cas said...

Both my neighbor and I had tires punctured on May 11 or 12, discovered in the morning. Apparently, there were two other cars hit in our alley the same weekend. (btwn 12 and 13, Maryland and G)