Thursday, May 09, 2013

Here Be Chupacabra

I stopped by the soft opening of Chupacabra Latin Kitchen + Taqueria (822 H Street) today for lunch. They have a fairly extensive menu, and it consists of more than just tacos. In fact, when I chatted with one of the owners he stressed that they plan to offer a rotating menu of all sorts of Latin American fare, and even some Caribbean inspired offerings.
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For now though, I went with tacos. Specifically, I ordered the Borrego del Fuego (a tasty lamb taco that lives up to its name), a taco al pastor, and a mango Jarritos. The ingredients were obviously very fresh, and the tacos did not disappoint.
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All of the seating is outdoors, and for now, it's uncovered. The owners do have plans to enclose the existing seating area, as well as add a separate outdoor patio once they get all the paperwork/permits/ect. in order.
They also will seek a liquor license, but for now the Jarritos does just fine.
My tacos: al pastor on the left, and burrego del fuego on the right.

They are open until 9pm tonight, & will operate from 11am-9pm tomorrow.

Normal hours:

M-T, and Sunday 11am – 9pm

Fri, Sat, 11am – 2am

But expect some variation in hours in the very beginning. Also, they will be closed for Mother's Day.

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