Thursday, May 23, 2013

Indian Street Food Coming to the H Street Corridor's West End

Indigo, the Indian food to go stand at Eastern Market, is opening a new location at 243 K Street. Huge h/t to Matt Campy for the news (which is confirmed by a peek at Indigo's Twitter feed).


Anonymous said...

Wow, great news that Indigo will be available every day! Already enjoy getting butter chicken and chicken tikka for breakfast (!) from the stand at Eastern Market on Saturdays.

DG said...

Awesome! I would love it if they could offer a delivery service.

caroline said...

Good for them! I'll admit, the one time I tried Indigo my friend and I agreed that it was the worst Indian food we'd ever had (watery and bland!). He's Indian and kind of snobbish when it comes to Indian food, but I'm not terribly picky and enjoy even mediocre stuff. I was surprised by how bad it was since the smells coming from the stand are so tantalizing and our neighbors in line were raving about it! Maybe I should give it another try.

charles said...

I don't know about snob but i have eaten at many of the restaurants on 6th St. in the East Village. I like Indigo and wish them well.

Unknown said...

Hi there . Friends , I thank you all for your comments and feed back. Does help us a lot. I want to address Caroline's comment.
Dear Caroline, my name is Dinesh and most likely I am the Indian Guy u referred to in your comment. I am sorry that we could not really satisfy your taste buds for Indian Food. That tells me that we are not doing a great job yet . I understand the sensitivity here when we talk about food. Pls understand that our food involves a lot of curry spices and most of them are home grounded which probably makes them a lot more aromatic I guess but that's where the authentic taste comes from. I feel real good about the fact that we have been able to make so many people happy with our food but am disappointed at the same time for not being able to win your appreciation. Indian Food is really hard to handle without the right appliances and it takes a lot to handle all this at a stall without the proper equipment and exhaust. We still try to keep our food fresh and authentic. I know we try our best to bring the best to you all.
Dear Caroline, I also believe that I am a peoples person and try to keep it light and fun at work all the time .Maybe I had a lot going on in my mind when u felt me being a snob but nothing personal. I actually try my best to leave my pressures back in the kitchen or the office before coming to the markets but clearly its time to work on this part as well for me. Thank you for your comments. Working on them will pave way for my further success. I truly believe so. As for taking another shot with the food. I still would recommend you doing so . All this food is 100% prepared and supervised by my wife and tasting her recipe's thru and thru for 21 yrs of our marriage I am confident that we will be able to bring that smile back on your face when it comes to your liking for Indian Food. I am a picky person when it comes to food and I am the biggest critic in my wife's kitchen. I will point our if some is not good. Talking about watery and bland , I wonder what can the reason be. To be true , this is the first time in almost 2 years of our working that we have a comment saying that the food was bland . But your comment is very well being taken care of. I would pls make a personal request to give it another shot and see if the issue has been taken care of. "We all are humans , we make mistakes . The one's who correct them make it right , the rest insist on repeating them". Pls introduce yourself the next time you pay us a visit. It would mean a lot to me.
My friend, all our food is prepared without using any artificial condiments and colors. We can confidently call our kitchen as your home kitchen away from your home. You can depend upon INDIGO's kitchen for freshness and cleanliness as much as you depend upon your house kitchen. We feed the same food to our 3 kids all the time and that can tell you all .
We are excited with the new place. We will take one step at a time and keep raising the bar . We wanna make it as casual as possible. We will also continue our working at the Eastern Market and we look forward to serve all our friends and Dear Caroline for sure . Thank you all.
May 29, 2013, 1:17:00 PM