Monday, May 06, 2013

Mike's Thrift Store Space For Lease: $4,500 a Month Triple Net

1425 H Street is the second building in. I'm looking for an updated file photo

This just in, 1425 H Street is going on the leasing market for $4,500 a month with a triple net lease. A triple net lease is common in commercial spaces, and means that the tenant is responsible for property taxes, maintenance, and insurance.

This is an interesting development following on the heals of news that the Salvation Army building down the street is up for sale for $2.2 million. If both stores close, and the Salvation Army looked pretty empty this weekend, this would leave the American Rescue Worker's shop ("Thrift Store" in the 1100 block) as H Street's only thrift store. In case you haven't been, Mike's occupies only the first floor of this space, with multiple other vendors in the different rooms upstairs. Mike's is perhaps know for its $1 sales during which most items are $1. So, if you buy a pair of shoes it would cost you $2.


C Dixon said...

This building has entrances on both Maryland Avenue and on H Street NE. Join Elroy, Argonaut,Angelico Pizza, and Manny and Olgas.
Christopher Dixon
Metro Investment Properties

charles said...

We really need a knot store.

Tom A. said...

Angelico pizza? 1400 block? where are they going? Will we soon have 4 pizza options with a few blocks? (H and Pizza, RedRocks, M and O, and Angelico)

Ann said...

Add in Liberty Tree, which I was just reminded can make a fantastic pizza, and make that 5 options.