Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sicilian Wine Dinner at Boundary Road

Picture tweeted by Boundary Road

In the mood to splash out a bit on dinner? Here's an intriguing offering from Boundary Road (413 H Street). The price is $125 per person, but that gets you five courses with wine pairings. Here's what you'd be eating:

  1. Sea urchin crudo with grilled bread, orange, & bottarga
  2. Durum wheat rigatoni peperonata
  3. Swordfish with caponata & caviar
  4. Pork skiry steak involtini
  5. Selection of Sicilian cheeses & chocolate


Tom A. said...


Is there a discount for Sicilians whose grandmother would smack up up the side of the head for spending 250 bucks on a meal? :-)

Anonymous said...

That's way too much for dinner.

Anonymous said...

So is there going to be any news about H St. Festival on this blog?

inked said...

We discuss it every year, but I wasn't able to make the meeting the other night.

grr said...

that place is just not worth the price.

Anonymous said...

There's some good information on the H St. Festival on the H St. Great Street Blog. I'd suggest looking there for neighborhood news presented in a somewhat more serious way.

inked said...

I like to think that I too present neighborhood news in a serious way (I have for almost ten years now), it's just that I sometimes do have the occasional family obligation that pulls me out of town. It isn't difficult to get a tad behind when you have to go away.

inked said...

Here's the link for the 2013 H Street Festival. As always, it is the third Saturday on September. This year's Festival will stretch all the way down to 4th street, so we shouldn't have the bottlenecks on the east end we suffered from last years. There will definitely be more info here about the Festival soon.