Thursday, September 19, 2013

CapKids Family Zone Festival Schedule


Schedule for the CapKids Family Zone at Saturday's H Street Festival:

The CapKids Family Zone (9th and H Street NE) kicks off at 10:30am this Saturday, with puppet-making, face painting, crafts and games for kids of all ages. Performances will begin on the CapKids Family Stage at 12:00pm, with a line-up of fun, kid and family-oriented entertainment.
CapKids Family Stage Lineup 

12:00 Opening remarks by Charles Allen (Office of Ward 6 Council Member Tommy Wells)

12:10 Beale Street Puppets (a touring performance company that specializes in musical marionette shows for all ages)

12:45 FrankOJazz (a unique family band that blends jazz with various musical styles from rock, reggae, and African folk to provide exciting and entertainment for all ages)

2:15 Stage Games/Activities with CapKids (a program serving kids and family focused on building character and community for all ages)

2:25 Dance Along! with CapKids

3:00 ¡Uno, Dos, Tres con AndrĂ©s! (a fun and interactive children’s show that teaches Spanish language and Latin American culture through song, story and dance)

4:00 Northeast Performing Arts Group (a community-based group that trains and introduces community youth the art of dance)

4:40 Full of Drama Theater Company (a theater company that focuses on creating positive entertainment for diverse audiences and providing kids a platform creative expression)

5:05 The White House Studios (featuring Caribbean Dance Traditions)

5:40 Dance Along! with CapKids

6:10 “Izzy” Lemons (a talented 14-year-old, self-taught electric guitarist who plays various styles of music including rock, blues, funk and R&B)


Jesse said...

I really like that the folks are thinking about families and those of us with kids who live in the area when planning a great event like this Saturday.

Kudos to them and to you for promoting it.

inked said...

Hopefully Saturday's Festival will have a little something for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Who would bring a child to an event like this? It's like asking for your child to get lost!

Unknown said...

I brought my two young children last year and managed not to loose them :) Strollers or baby carriers are really helpful. The kids stuff is awesome, although there is definitely stuff for every age group. I can't wait!

Jesse said...

It's fun like the circus; he sits on my shoulders and we look at all the clowns.