Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Help Serena the Lost Cat Get Home Safely

Serena 2

A reader writes in hoping you can help locate her missing cat:

I live in the H Street/Capitol Hill area northeast, 7th street between K and I. I lost my black and white cat around Monday evening.  I was wondering if I could post her picture in your blog.  That would be really helpful.  Here are her pictures, her name is Serena, she is shy, but friendly.  They can email me at mzcangul[at] or call me at 703-973-3366. I am willing to give a reward.  Thank you so much.


She wandered back home on her own this morning. Thanks to everyone for keeping an eye out.
Serena 1 Serena 3


pat said...

Hope you find your little Moggie.

inked said...

She's home safe.

pat said...

well someone needs to tell that cat, it looks like hitler.
Heck, it probably gives a stiff armed salute.