Monday, October 21, 2013

Toki Underground Coming to Union Market?

Twitter user Doctor_Glasses tweeted an interesting photo last night suggesting that Toki Underground is headed to Union Market. The photo shows the restaurant's name written on a chalkboard in what appears to be the old Boarder Springs space.

Union Market has a variety of vendors, some are permanent, other are more pop up status. As you might have guessed, some of the pop up vendors stick around for quite a long time, and have even become permanent.

Doctor-Glasses tweeted at Toki asking excitedly if this was for real, and Toki replied simply "we shall see!!" I'm assuming they plan to test the waters as a pop up vendor. Great news for those who have a hard time grabbing a space at Toki's 23 seat restaurant. I'm curious what exactly they will offer at this new location.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if they sell their broth for home use. Not so much another place to grab food to eat.

grr said...

just got an email from toki:

Wed-Sat, October 23-November 3, 2013
Closed Sundays
Union Market Shoyu Ramen $12
Almost all ingredients sourced from Union Market
Counter Seating Only