Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Racked: Getting to Know Hunted House


The blog Racked has an interview with Mark Johnson of local mid-century modern home furnishings boutique Hunted House (510 H Street). By the way, have you heard that the shop is now open until 9pm Fridays?


h st ll said...

Nice read, interesting to read a more indepth interview.

And where is @poo at?

Anonymous said...

Poo said...

h st II!!!

where hast thou been since i last heard thee?

and... are we *still* ending sentences with a preposition? tsk, tsk. :)

h st ll said...

What up Poooo!!

You should comment more manne.

Mark Johnson said...

Thanks Elise. We're looking forward to seeing those of you who haven't visited and want those who have to come back. Don't leave Liz, Mike or Mark alone on Friday evening when we're open late. :)