Sunday, January 05, 2014

More H Street Grant Opportunities


It's grant time again, & anyone interested in applying will want to attend this meeting tomorrow. Here's the full announcement from Anwar Saleem of H Street Main Street.

For Those who have not gotten a notice: H Street Main Street will host an Informational Session at HR-57, 1007 H Street, NE, this Monday, January 6 at 6:30 sharp to discuss and answer questions for the following grants listed below. We urge you to come out to learn about and apply for this funding opportunity. For those who did not apply for the complete allocation of funding in the past, you can reapply for the balance. Pass this on to your friends and Family..


The District of Columbia Great Streets team has released two Requests for Applications (RFAs), one for the H Street NE Small Business Capital Improvement Grants, and one for the Great Streets Small Business Capital Improvement Grants, which covers the ten (10) commercial corridors beyond H Street NE. The RFAs (attached) and online applications can be found at

Would you like to verify that your location qualifies for a grant? Click here and enter the business address into our mapping tool.

Since the pool of eligible applicants is different for each grant, we would like to provide you with the eligibility requirements for each funding stream.
·         For the H Street NE Small Business Capital Improvement Grants, eligible applicants are owners of small retail or service-oriented businesses. The following types of businesses are ineligible to receive funding under this grant:
o   Liquor stores
o   Restaurants
o   Nightclubs
o   Bars
o   Phone stores
o   Businesses with 20 or more locations in the United States
o   Non-profit and government entities
·         For the Great Streets Small Business Capital Improvement Grants, there are two (2) types of eligible applicants as follows:
o   Owners of small retail or service-oriented businesses (preference will be given to businesses with less than 20 locations in the United States), and
o   Real estate developers that have secured one or more small retail or service-oriented businesses as tenants and propose to improve a property for these tenants
The following types of businesses are ineligible to receive funding under this grant:
o   Nightclubs
o   Bars
o   Phone stores
o   Non-profit and government entities

Please share this funding alert with your contacts in the small business community.

Have questions? Please reply to this email or call Polina Bakhteiarov at (202) 615-6625.

Thank you for helping to make DC the most business-friendly economy in the nation. We look forward to receiving your application(s)!

Anwar Saleem, CMSM
Executive Director
H Street Main Street, Inc.
PO Box 75041
Washington, DC 20013


Anonymous said...

The most business friendly economy in the country. LOL.

inked said...

I'm assuming that is aspirational, but I had the same reaction.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the grants to businesses that never opened? Was that money actually given out?

Hopefully, the money will not go to Barrack Row again.

Anonymous said...

This is a reimbursable grant. So the grantees must spend it on the things they put in their grant app and then the city reimburses them.

Anonymous said...

True, 11:04, the money has to be spent and then DMPED reimburses.
BUT some people spent money and never opened. Or spent it and didn't change their business model, therefore adding no value to the corridor.
Both H St Main Street and Barracks Row Main Street got grants, neither of which has an office on H St (which was a requirement).
Al least now, nonprofits like HSMS and BRMS can't get any more cash.

There hasn't been much return on this money. Has there been a single new business because of it?

HillHound528 said...

Actually, H Street Main Street provided services out of 961 H street so that qualified them for the grant. They used the funds to provide services to the existing small business and also for focus groups and marketing to recruit other business to the area. All in all, if they provided the's a good use of the funds. I can't speak for Barracks Row but I imagine they used the money for similar programming.

Anonymous said...

8th street branded as Barracks Row has their own funds, also additional massive tax payer funds into Eastern market, the Naval Hospital,and the Eastern Market metro stop plaza. They should not be dipping into funds specified for H street businesses.

Anonymous said...

Re the comment of hill hound:
H street Main Street has not operated from 961 H street in at least 2 years. Bank of America had a long term lease on the property but the location was not viable. They allowed HSMS to use it but ended that arrangement long ago.
HSMS has no office anywhere. The phone is forwarded to a cell phone reach Anwar Saleem who may or may not return the call.
HSMS is bogus. No one will look at Saleem's misuse of public funding and his intimate connections throughout DC government allow his malfeasance to be financially rewarded.
Any more questions?