Tuesday, February 25, 2014

HSGS: Mythology & Lore Coming to 816 H Street

Sorry about the old photo, but 816 is the 5th  building in from the end (in between 
King's Beauty Supply & Best Electronics). 

H Street Great Street has details on a change of planned location for the steakhouse Mythology & Lore. The restaurant had been slated to go in at 1005 H Street (the old Willpower space), but is now headed to 816 H Street (previously home to both & HR-57, & Fever). Follow the link for full details.


Anonymous said...

I wish they were still going into the old gym space (only bc it is a half block closer to my house).
But I am sure this will be great. Mark really gets the business.

happy camper said...


An extra block or two should help you walk off some of that tasty steak you just ate! Ha!

Seriously, this is great news. Hope the middle of H keeps filling up. Sad to see the Fever close so fast, glad its space is being filled.

h st ll said...

Super excited about this. 8th and H is the best spot on the corridor.

Anonymous said...

Great news! Seems like a great addition for that middle section of H. Lots of improvements with this new restaurant and the organic market, which put the signs up not long ago. Hopefully they will open soon. Also, now that the street car will be running, H Street Connection developers should start with their plan as they had stated not long ago. (Although, I do not think they will do anything about that eyesore any time soon unfortunately)

Anonymous said...

ok...so when is Hst. getting a fantasy gaming store?

Anonymous said...

everyone who hangs out around H and 8th need a fantasy gaming store so they can be inside playing mtg, they can sell lottery tickets too i guess