Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bullfrog Bagels Opens Today


Bullfrog Bagels (7am-4pm Tuesday-Sunday) is up and running in their new permanent space inside of the Star and Shamrock (1341 H Street). They have an impressive little set up on the left side of the bar.
I grabbed a bagel to go.
This is an onion bagel, sliced, toasted, and smeared with plain double-whipped cream cheese. DSC_0005
It was definitely very tasty, chewy, and satisfying. DSC_0025
They had six bagel options today, and a number of toppings and add-ons available. Can't read the chalkboard? Try the website version.DSC_0031
In the market for something savory? Try one of their speciality sandwiches.

DSC_0027 DSC_0029
They've got a full set up for coffee, tea, bloody marys, mimosas, or wines by the glass. They also have a couple of coolers full of non-alcoholic beverages.
DSC_0026 DSC_0032 DSC_0038
Homemade preserves with a line of hot sauces next to them.
Pickled veggies.
A small seating area near the window.DSC_0034


Anonymous said...

This looks amazeballs.

Anonymous said...

Tried the everything bagel today...excellent flavors!!! This place is for reals.

Anonymous said...

No capers on the whitefish salad?

Anonymous said...

Joe Englert said:

Well done! Great product, great feel. What an amazing addition to H Street.....

heyktb said...

one word...YUM

Anonymous said...

They have a lot to work out.

Service was slow, there was no trash bin, they kept on walking into each other when preparing my bagel, and the lady who worked on my bagel "carried" cream cheese on a knife past a person before slathering it on my bagel, and i had wanted to eat in but they didn't give me that option.

their set up is also disturbing... not intuitive at all. i was standing a bit back in wait and realized i was blocking the beverage setup. when i moved so someone could look at it, i was blocking a worker's path to the kitchen. can't win.

but..... their onion bagel and salmon whipped cream cheese were great! still, until they step up, I'm probably better off picking up bagels by the dozen and some tubs of cream cheese for when i have company but otherwise noshing at home or elsewhere when solo.

Anonymous said...

Ok, it is too crowded behind the counter, and the crew is a bit awkward when making a sandwich, but they are super nice and the resulting product is awesome. I suspect that they will get an even better work flow.

jane said...

Tried them last week. Easily the tastiest bagel I've ever had. The service is slow, and I'm not sure the layout is working for them just yet. They will work these things out with time, I'm sure. For now, allow yourself a few extra minutes.

Anonymous said...

That girl in the pic needs to turn her frown :( upside down :)!

Anonymous said...

menu looks decent. is the Star open during the same times as the bagel shop?

Anonymous said...

Amazing bagels!
However the service was very slow and the cashier looked at me like I had two heads when she realized the dollar bill I gave her was *slightly* torn. She then refused to take it. Very odd. Anyway, I'd definitely go back

Igor Shishkin said...

you are closed on Mondays? LOLZ

inked said...

They are closed on Mondays.

Anonymous said...

"That girl in the pic needs to turn her frown :( upside down :)!"

But how can she work at a hipster joint without that deliberately disengaged, disenchanted aura?