Friday, September 26, 2014

Heads Up: the Streetcar Begins Pre-Revenue Operations Monday


By now we've probably all seen the streetcars traveling down H Street, but on Monday they will start running on the same schedule they will follow once they take on passengers (still not clear exactly when you'll be able to ride them). That means headways of roughly ten minutes.

Here are the service hours:
Monday-Thursday: 6am–12am
Friday: 6am– 2am
Saturday: 8am – 2am
Sundays and Holidays: 8am – 10pm

DDOT has also been reminding people of a few safety tips:

-Streetcars share the roadways, but cannot veer around vehicles.

-Vehicles, including delivery trucks, should be sure to park within the lines and use designated loading zones. The Department of Public Works is now ticketing and towing vehicles that impede the path of the streetcar.

-Pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists should use caution as they travel through the corridor.

-Remember to “Look, Listen, Be Safe!” near streetcar vehicles at all times—look both ways and listen for the streetcar before stepping into the crosswalk.

-Never walk in front of a moving streetcar.

-Traffic and pedestrian signals exist for your safety—follow them to ensure your safety.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe this is actually happening. Let's hope they don't cock it up-- I'm super worried about the utility of this line without a firm connection at union station. If it isn't used much due to this it will be a massive blunder.

pat said...

well lets see, i figured it wouldn't start until January,

That means they are ahead of schedule :-)

Anonymous said...

I think its initial utility will be a really fast way to get to H Street for evening activities. I was sitting in Red Rocks last night for about 45 minutes and saw the streetcar pass by back and forth 8 times. Hopefully it will lead to fewer people parking on my street! :)

Anonymous said...

As a resident, I'd mainly use it during the cold weather to get to union station. Having to walk the additional blocks kind of defeats the purpose of staying out of the cold, though. I fear people coming IN to visit will feel similarly and just uber, but who knows. Really wish it went into Union :( Are they ever going to try to remedy that or have they given up?

pat said...

Rumour has it they are still negotiating how to get into Union station.

It would seem hard to get into Union station proper now, but there is talk of a major rebuild of Uion station, perhaps a loop through the deck where the busses park could work, roll through there and people get off and walk downstairs, although cutting through the parking lot doesn't seem too bad.

if there was a better station cover that keeps you dry, and warm, i'd be happy.