Friday, November 21, 2014

Touché Supper Club Opens Tonight


Touché Supper Club (1123 H Street) opens its doors to the public tonight. No cover all night. The website says to dress to impress for the Friday and Saturday night dance parties, with no hats or sneakers after 11pm. Other nights business casual is just fine. Touché has their full menu up on the website, which describes the business as follows:

Touché is DC’s newest entertainment platform for up and coming, seasoned and legendary artist. Our menu features a fusion of Southern French Cuisine specialties and avant-garde spirits and drinks for the most discriminating connoisseur to enjoy.
Open 7 Day a week, Touché hosts a mixture of music and entertainment nightly in our second level entertainment complex including local artist and DJ’s from around the world.

Entrées range in price from $8.99 for the (vegetarian) Cajun Stir Fry to $22.99 for the Maryland Crabcakes. Many entrées are around $15-16. Sandwiches run $10.99-14.99. Appetizers are $5.99 (fries) to $9.99 (wings) to $11.99 (shrimp).


Anonymous said...

Countdown until first stabbing...

dd said...

yeah, i can't wait to be murdered there

Anonymous said...

why didnt they just call it "13" since its the next iteration of 12.
I expect nothing less than the same type of sketch that the previous attempt. the only other places Im aware of that restrict hats and sneakers are strip clubs.

Anonymous said... their galley. Somehow, I don't think it will look quite like these pics.

Kenny G said...

Do they have a kid's menu?

Anonymous said...

kenny g-
apple slices with a side of nipples and thong happy meals

Anonymous said...

That gallery makes it look like a lesbian bar.

JJ said...

No sneakers, no hats...but prison shanks are fine.

Anonymous said...

Cool, I was getting sick of getting a full night's sleep anyways.

Anonymous said...

So classy they are redefining how to spell "ambience" correctly...

Anonymous said...

are they having "nerd" night?

Anonymous said...

You guys realize you all sound like obnoxious gentrifying yuppies, right? God forbid someone wants to go out to a place on H Street that doesn't have your seal of approval.

Anonymous said...

Does this place even have a liquor license? XII was suspended and I think these folks were trying to have it transferred. Did that happen?

Anonymous said...


+1000. The pretentious comments are suffocating. Especially considering these are my neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Actually any decent high end establishment forbids sneakers and hats. Maybe not dirty hipster spots but most clubs, lounges and bottle service places forbid those clothes.....that being said what's the over under for number of assault charges there this year? 9.5?

Anonymous said...

any given weekend end, you can get the suicide by touche special

Anonymous said...

weekend *night. jokes are funnier when they are typed correctly the first time. sorry y'all. what i was saying is that it's like suicide by cop, but in this instance, it's suicide by touche, because you can get murdered there easily, probably. i guess we'll see.

Anonymous said...

As a black man this makes my blood boil. This place will attract undesirable elements that share my complexion, but not my "culture." Of course, most the gentrifiers (of which I am one) will be unable to tell the difference and my station on H street will remain in the gutter. Such is the plight of the upper middle class African American on H street and other gentrifying locals. You try to get ahead in this world, and some people try to pull you back down (an all for a buck).

Anonymous said...

where can I watch the Pacquiao fight on Hst?

pat said...

"God forbid someone wants to go out to a place on H Street that doesn't have your seal of approval."

My seal of approval how about ABRA and MPD?

Given the numerous problems at that site, it's not beyond the pale to mock it a bit.

I like places which are absent shootings.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if we could at least give this place a chance. I understand that folks are weary, and some of the fears may be found to be correct. We, however, don't know for sure, so to be prudent we should give them time to run their business. It looks decent from the pictures.

There's a lot to unpack about some of the comments, but my unpacking days on here are over.

Anonymous said...

DC is the only place where I've seen this bizarre schism in new businesses that will serve either whites or blacks. There, I said it-- this business serves the black community. I know it does, but I'm not even sure HOW I know it does. The name is off. The pics are off. The entire concept just seems... tone deaf to me, a white male and yeah, I guess gentrifier. Can somebody help me understand how we all just somehow know which places are for whites, and which are for blacks, almost without thinking about it in DC? I recognize this happens all the time but I can't understand it. I'm not even trying to say anything about the potential for violence at this place. I'm just trying to understand the differences that make these places so obviously, if unintentionally, better suited for one race over another. I seriously don't get it.

Anonymous said...

3:48:00 PM,

I totally get what you're saying, but just want to clarify that this place is not "for blacks" but for a certain "element" that tends to be black. I'm black, but would never set foot in the place or like establishments and I'm frankly disgusted when I think of the clientele this place witll attract.

Trust me, affluent blacks will not be showing up here. What you'll get is your typical sporting-designer-label rimmed-out car types. You know, folks that don't come from money, so they feel compelled to show off what they have (even if they can't really afford it).

But to your broader question -- places like this try too hard to cast a "sophisticated" image, but because the people behind the effort, in fact, lack sophistication, they end up bungling it, hence the corny French-inspired name and other "just off" aspects.

But alas, folks like me (i.e., non-hood black folks) have to suffer these fools. Such is our noxious lot until this place is inevitably shut down and replaced with more a more civilized venue that does't bring embarrassment to us.

Anonymous said...

Diff cultures have diff values its neither right nor wrong simply because you dont share those same values.
This is why we have diffrent countries with borders and languages.
To the naysayers we dont have to accept or recognize anyones right to behave in a way we do not approve.

Jesse said...

Did anyone answer whether they really will have a kids menu? What about high chairs?

Anonymous said...

hopefully, they won't turn out like 12. i might even go in. however, i have had bad experiences with customer service at most African American run restaurants in this neighborhood. The only exception is Horace and Dickies.

Anonymous said...

Im a native Washingtonian and you newcomers are poisoning our city. Give this Blackowned business a chance. At least they are attempting to change. Oh, and you Uncle Tom negroes on here are a bunch of sellouts. .

Anonymous said...

You people need to give this new business a chance and start supporting the last black owned businesses in the neighborhood. Sure, a few people will get stabbed and our patrons will disturb the neighborhood more than any other establishment but you new comers need to know what's what.

You all need to learn the old dc ways and not give a shit about the neighborhood. Hell, we burned this neighborhood to the ground not too long ago.

For those asking about a kids menu, we do but only serve kids after 10pm.

Anonymous said...

Bout time African Americans and their victim narrative got a dose of reality

Support and respect are earned. You can talk and spin all you want but if it aint earned it aint worth spit.

Ask the Ethiopians, Arabs, Asians, Jamaicans, Mexicans, South Africans

Anonymous said...

@ 1:13--

I'm the 4:22 poster. You are exactly what I'm talking about -- unable to distinguish between black folks. "African-Americans" and their victim narrative? Do you find that all or most black folks demonstrate a "victim narrative"? Really? Do you know all or most black people? Or do you assume because Jesse and Al said something all black folks must agree? People like you see black folks as a monolith. What if black people reduced white folks (and I'm not saying you are white) to the "worst" white folks like Glenn Beck, Bill O'reilly, or Sarah Palin, three of the most victim-minded people out there. Of course, most black folks don't do that because we realize that white folks are individuals, too.

Of course, I have no expectations of people like you (or any non-blacks for that matter), which is why I'd prefer establishments like this one would stay away from H street, as it just gives you more "evidence" to support your twisted view of African-Americans -- all of whom (as you suggest) walk about feeling sorry for themselves. I'm not mad at you. It's not really your fault. But it is depressing. Thank you for reminding me of where I stand with you people. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

This month 2 guys driving drunk get into an accident. They and their child are taken to the ER where one guy, while being treated, pulls out a gun and threatens people around him. 911 is called and he is killed by police.
Family is outraged and say he was murdered.

Is this is the "twisted view" of white folks that you refer? Cause we dont want your world anywhere near ours. I get the MPD crime alerts and every night I get an alert about BM , stealing, assaulting, Killing...I must be twisted huh?

Anonymous said...


"Cause we don't want your world anywhere near ours. "

You are who I thought you were. Why are black criminals part of "my" world? Because I happen to be black too? But to answer your question -- No, being fed up with the criminal element is in no way "twisted." I'm probably as fed up as you are, if not more so. But what is twisted is assigning all "blacks" to the criminal world because some blacks exhibit criminal behavior.

H said...

This biggest problem is that the majority of criminals in DC are black. That is Fact. It's unfortunate that this fact exacerbates racism in this city. It adds to the generalization of blacks. DC is 2 cities. Whether we like it or not. Highly educated world minded affluent mostly white who were born elsewhere, next to poor and poorly educated mostly homegrown DC black. The racial tension in our city is everywhere. It is hidden and underlying. When a place like Touché opens, White DC is fearful of "Black" DC. We fear criminal elements, based on statistics and personal experiences. H Street is the frontline battleground of Black DC vs White DC. The problem is that everyone loses when a place like Touché opens. H street becomes less safe. Blacks are further seen as criminals, and racial stereotypes continue. It's unfortunate that every single time I have been accosted, verbally assaulted, or harrased, it has been by a black person in DC. Every time a piece of my property has been stolen, broken, or broken into, I assume a black person commited the crime. This is based on probability, and admittedly racism. The real victims are the blacks who are law abiding, wonderful neighbors and citizens. They are the real victims. Touché will probably be another scar on H Street. Neither a win for White DC of Black DC. We all lose. Until education and poverty is fixed in this city, there will be no real peace between blacks and whites, and racism will continue. Gentrification on H is very very real. Tensions on H are very real. We are on the front lines. The riots of 68 - Everyone lost. No one won. Law abiding Blacks lost their stores, their neighborhood. Now, Whites have come in to make H their own. Touché is a step in the wrong direction in many people's eyes. I pray no one gets killed on H anymore. Touché existing seems to up the probabilities of knifings, brawls, murder, etc, on H. We all feel it, and we are fearful.

Jayne' P. said...


I would like to begin my response by thanking the person who posted our opening announcement and menu. Last night was indeed a special night for my business and I am grateful to all who have been unbiased about the opening of a new business in a previously troubled location.

As we all know, the H Street corridor has historically been a challenging location for businesses and the surrounding neighborhood. Without question, the challenges have included theft and violence - much of it occurring in proximity to businesses operating on H Street. It is troubling and disappointing that people would choose to make anonymous negative comments by hiding behind a “white page” prior to us opening our doors, visiting Touché, or meeting with me. Like others who operate their businesses on H Street, Touché cannot assume responsibility for behaviors that take place outside of its doors. We will conduct our business in a respectful manner and work to be good neighbors.

I was particularly touched by the enlightened comments of the young man who wondered how people would automatically assume that Touché would only be patronized by African Americans. I want to make certain that everyone knows, we don't have a race or ethnicity code at Touché. We do indeed have a dress code. It was established to support the vision of having an establishment where people might come dressed to enjoy and yes, to impress each other. While I have no problems with sneakers or hats, I think it's nice to have a venue that encourages a different approach. Surely, the fact that others allow that attire doesn't mean that all have to, right?

While I was truly disappointed by the comments, I was most saddened by the comments and personal plight of the young African American male who chose to use such negative generalizations about people with whom he shares an ethnicity. I don't know of a person, regardless of their ethnicity who is not trying to improve their lives and circumstances - economically or otherwise. Our country's economy has been built and maintained by middle and working class people. Are they not worthy of respect? Sophistication is a demonstrated behavior and an inherited state of being. As for the young African American men you are concerned with being mistaken to be, is not your behavior and how you carry yourself a point of distinction for you? I would suggest to you that your reflection is the real problem for you. With all that others are doing to move our world forward - you seem stuck.

Owning and operating a business is a challenge regardless of the neighborhood and it is especially challenging in a neighborhood that is transitioning. It's no secret that H Street is becoming gentrified and with this new diversity one would hope that we might all demonstrate patience and cooperation. Successful businesses support community prosperity and it is my hope that members of the H Street corridor community would be able to rally behind all the businesses on H Street because as they are successful, the neighborhood becomes more prosperous and desirable for all.

Demosthenes said...

Okay, "H", that post was actually so beyond the pale of absurdity that you're forcing me to comment (and I have better things to do on a Saturday night, so thanks!). As a white woman who has lived in multiple cities, I'm calling bullshit on your "White DC is afraid of Black DC" or more general White people are afraid of Black people train of thought. You do NOT speak for me or any of the white folks I know in DC. Which is not to say that ill-informed, bigoted white people don't exist (you can be exhibit A!), just that most of us actually enjoy living in a diverse city (you seem not to, might I suggest moving to Portland?). H Street (and DC in general) benefits from all the newcomers to this neighborhood, city, and country, no matter their skin tone, who have the stones and initiative to open businesses here. On H Street, there are awesome establishments owned by people of myriad ethnicities and some crappy ones also owned by folks of various colors and cultures. The problem with 12 wasn't that it was a black-owned business, it's that it was an amazingly badly run business.

I'm not going to say that everyone who is predicting that Touche will not be an amazing boon to H street is racist or a hater or culturally insensitive or pretentious. Many are probably just concerned that the location's history will carry over and aren't impressed by what they've seen on the website. Fair enough. Other posters are excited by it or at least willing to give it a chance. So you're right in pointing out that there is some culture conflict (I think more negotiation) going on at H Street right now. However, framing it as a black vs. white issue is simplistic and inflammatory. If you're legitimately afraid of Touche, or all black-owned establishments, or all black people, that's YOUR issue. Good luck with the 21st Century!

Anonymous said...


So I what I'll do is go ahead and assume that every white face I see views me as some street n*gger about to commit a crime. Because that would be a reasonable assumption right? Doesn't matter that I have a couple ivy league degrees, speak 2 foreign languages fluently, and have a household income north of $290K. No, just some street n*gger right here as far as (some of) y'all are concerned.

Of course, the overwhelming majority of black folks -- even poor black folks -- are not criminals. Yes, the face of crime in DC tends to be "black," but it's simply not the case the black faces are overwhelmingly criminal. Why is that so hard to understand?

See, if you are black and affluent you tend to know ALOT of other affluent highly-educated blacks, so you are less likely make race the primary distinguishing factor.

But if you know very few affluent blacks -- especially if you there weren't many wherever you spent your formative years -- once you come to DC you probably make the lazy leap form black face to criminal. But this really has more to do with your limited experience and social network than anything grounded in reality.

What I'm saying is, it's possible to lament crime rates and the fact that too many blacks folks -- especially young black men -- get caught on the wrong side of the law -- and yet still not impute criminality to every black face you see.

But I understand that for most of you this is all too much to ask.

H said...

Demosthene, head into touché, and report back to us on what you find. Until then, keep your "bullshit" to yourself. Welcome to DC, newcomer.

inked said...

I know that people are still hurting from the issues at XII (Tweleve), but I hope we can give this place a chance. H Street is currently home to many well-run Black-owned bars and restaurants. These include (non-exclusive list): The Elroy, Halftime Sports Bar, Avery’s, Smith Commons, Da Luft, Sidamo, Khepra’s Raw Food & Juice Bar, Batter Bowl Bakery, & Ethiopic. XII is an unfortunate page in our local history, but it’s only one page. Would anyone really like to argue that the majority of the businesses above are disruptive to the community? I doubt anyone would because that is clearly a bullshit argument that should get anyone who makes it sent home and put to bed.

While it is beyond ridiculous that I even have to write this, there are different sorts of Black people, just like the are different sorts of white people, and different sorts of Asians, and so on. I think we all know this to be the case.

It has been repeatedly raised with me that black-owned businesses tend to get shit on this blog prior to opening. I agree. People freaked out and called Smith Commons a crazy club when it clearly turned out to be a legitimate restaurant and bar (one that actually hosted the President) with really good food and drinks. Do I think we should maybe take a step back and think about the fact that a bunch of us reached that conclusion absent any real cause beyond a bar on each level? Hell yes.

I know that some people latched on to the prohibition on sneakers and hats after 11pm. A ton of places in DC, and well beyond, ban sneakers and hats. When I studied in London I saw many places that had a similar dress code. In DC I was once asked to remove a ball cap at the Chi-Cha Lounge. I did so, no big deal. This is a pretty standard prohibition for many bars and clubs. It’s not just a Black thing.

The photos on the website were updated during the day yesterday. The previous photos where stock pics that are common to new businesses. Should they have updated them before announcing an opening? Sure, but I’m thinking they were otherwise occupied. Most new places on H Street don’t have new photos up prior to opening.

The people who live near the former home of XII have every reason to be skeptical and suspicious. The former owner ran his business poorly and did all manner of outlandish and illegal things. I don’t know what we can expect from Touché, but I think we owe them at least a chance.

Anonymous said...

White and every culture has trash and we are happy for jails and laws.

We do not make excuses for trash or blame the system when trash is arrested or killed.

I have bars on my window and lock my car doors and yes even cross the street at night when I see a black man. Not because I am a racist I am in fear and I dont make excuses for people others have every right to fear. Sorry you spent all that money on your ivy degree but I fear you because of my experiences and not my racism.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry you spent all that money on your ivy degree but I fear you because of my experiences and not my racism."

Really, you've been robbed/assaulted (or whatever) by black men with ivy league degrees? How many? When? On H Street? What schools did they go to? Penn, Yale, Harvard? You really need to put this information out there for the benefit of your neighbors.

And that's TWO ivy league degrees for your information. Of course, that probably makes me extra thuggish ruggish in your eyes.

H said...

That is why good black people are the real victims.

Anonymous said...

In related news, Marion Barry is dead. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

i don't know too many black people w/ more than one ivy league degree not because my upbringing was confined, but rather simply there aren't that many of you that have them.

of the blacks who are non-ivy league college educated whether they are affluent or not, are they really as competent as their peers from other races?

you don't have to have a college degree to run a business or be an employee in a restaurant, but you do have to have a high degree of competence. i don't see that in the majority of african american run businesses on h. i am also not lumping the ethiopians as african american.

outisde of restaurants, black people do commit the majority of violent crimes in our neighborhood and district. that's one reason why non-blacks create stereotypes of blacks as inferior, but the more relevant reason is that blacks run the gamut of problems in our city.

harassing people on the Metro? committed by black or non black?

street harassment of women on weekend nights? committed by black or non black?

who is most likely the least competent person in the job? black or non black?

which business take forever to get the kinks out after they have been opened for quite awhile?

which customers can run an $80.00 tab in a bar and leave nothing for a tip?

who is talking in the movie theater?

who throws their chicken wings on the ground?

who gives disparaging looks onto other races when you walk into a place just cause you walk with a purpose and not with a fake limp?

who constantly parks in your assigned parking space?

who blasts music that has lyrics that promote guns, subjugation of women, dollars?

who reelects a politician who does cocaine?

who would rather stay home during the mid-term elections?

I'll tell you who. It's Asians and Jews.

Anonymous said...

I tell you who does all those things you recount....POOR underclass black people. You do realize that there is reason that POOR underclass black folks are concentrated in American inner cities right? You do realize that middle class blacks departed for greener pastures in the suburbs just like white people before them, right? So in our inner cities you have been left with the most down trodden, the poorest of the poorest, the most dysfunctional black folks. Why would you draw conclusions about all African-Americans from the subset that lives in DC, who are some of the most worse off? That would be like me going to the poorest county in West Virginia and using that experience to cast dispersions on all white people.

By the way, none of the black people in my social circle exhibit the behaviors you list. Indeed, we are probably the most turned off by the foolishness. But we -- as do most white people I know -- understand that those black people are of a certain "element" that happens to be black, not a representative of black America writ large. Your experience in this city is not unique, so I wonder why other people are capable of lamenting the dysfunction where it exists, on the one hand, while also understanding that most black people are not, in fact, dysfunctional, on the other hand?

And trust me, black people like me have it the absolute worst. We have to put up with the same dysfunction that you do, but then we also have to deal with people like you. Please don't assume that all non-blacks folks think like you do. I'll do them the decency of not imputing your worldview to them.


Alton Johnson said...

Their website was cut and pasted from a generic template. Anyone can see that. What a turn off. Would u go to a place with a fake website? Small detail, but incredibly important in 2014. No excuse.

Anonymous said...

I am not blaming the college educated or even those not educated. Dont expect you to fix anything.

I am just stating that as a resident of H st I have a valid reason to fear, and I am tired of the excuses put forth for that animalistic daily behaviour(vagina to the jail cell slippy slide my ass) that leaves me in fear of my fellow man. The men who feel its fine to prey on the honest and hard working residents of H st.

Anonymous said...

To my fellow ivy league African-American friend and others with a little common sense: Why are you entertaining that one racist jerk? He's probably an upset renter who happens to live right next door to either you or I. Why move to a diverse city like DC if you're so miserable? Maybe he would feel more comfortable in West Virginia or Kentucky with his fellow meth heads and mountain dew drinkin relatives! The ones really losing in this country are poor whites because the media is embarrassed to highlight there plight as is done with people of color. And for the record Mr. Anonymous, I am African-American and Ethiopian! We are all the same! I'm pretty sure you don't distinguish the irish owned bar from the Italian owned restaurant??
DC is a city made up of a very diverse and highly educated population. How does your soul stay at peace with your racist comments? It's only sad for you my friend. Take a moment and have a chat with an older black resident or even one of the younger kids. You can learn a lot! I pray that you do not have children in your life. Would be awful to raise them with such hate. Fyi, your hate only motivates people like myself to continue to excel!

Anonymous said...

yes, it is indeed the poor black that orders repeated rounds of top shelf liquor and leaves $0 tip.

yes, it is the poor black who I have to constantly tell how to do a simple task and repeatedly correct his mistakes at work.

yes, it is the poor black that can afford to go the movie theatre and buy concessions.

yes, it is the poor black who brings out my entree before the appetizer

yes, it is the poor black who drives the cadillac escapade

yes you're right it is the poor, starving, malnourished inner city african americans who are doing these things

Anonymous said...

People feel this way because there are NO instances of white people committing street crime against black people in DC. White people don't rob, steal, burglarize, assault, rape, or murder black people in DC. The inverse happens in some capacity every day.

h st ll said...

Has anyone tried the food or drinks here?

I went to 12 at least five times and always felt safe. Good music or bands, people enjoying themselves.

Anonymous said...

People feel that way because we live in a city where the black population is disproportionately poor and underclass. Middle class blacks decamped long ago and we're now left with the most dysfunctional elements . That's the problem with DC.

Then again, DC is also home to many high socioeconomic blacks (you, know with 6-figure incomes and fancy degrees). If such black folks are in your social circle then you probably don't harbor a wholesale fear of black people, as you have the ability to discriminate between different types of black folks. Trust me, plenty of white people in DC can do this and do, in fact, do this.

That is, that can observe the foolishness on the X2 bus -- most of which is exhibited by folks that happen to be black -- without tarring black people as dysfunctional brutes writ large. And they can do this without making "excuses" for anyone. I certainly don't make excuses for anyone.

There are very little instances of whites committing street crimes in DC because white people in DC (most of whom are transplants) come from middle or upper-income backgrounds. Guess what, the crime rates of black people of similar socioeconomic strata are similarly infinitesimal.

But I guess it's easier (and perhaps more comforting to some) to make race the #1 explanatory variable, even though that is demonstrably not the case. Once again, this is not about "making excuses."

No one is denying your experience (it's my experience too!), but you are in control of what you draw from that experience. Yes, too much "black" crime in DC, but figures will also show that the overwhelming majority of black folks in DC are law-abiding citizens. Yes, the face of crime in DC tends to be black, but black faces are nowhere close to being mostly criminal. Shouldn't that fact mean something? Aren't we complex enough deal with the constant irritation of dysfunction among a certain black element, while also realizing that most blacks are not dysfunctional?

Maybe this is all too much to ask of you. But people like me don't have another choice. I put up with all of the same stuff you do in terms of crime and dysfunction in DC. I live it, witness, experience it, get exasperated and angered by it. And then (unlike you) I get judged for it (by people like you). Lucky for me, not all whites or (non-blacks) are as limited in perspective as you,or I would be out a whole lot of friends in DC -- the kind of people that put up with everything we all do living here do, but somehow manage to recognize my humanity in spite of my blackness. Better people than you and you ilk.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:22 Glad you admit you are motivated by Hate, and btw is 2014 happy to hear you decided to Excel.

@ 11:43 I dont think all African Americans are criminals and would gladly embrace or help anyone, but i am not willing to risk my life or property on the overwhelming chance the person I see at night is not an evildoer thats just naive ignorance. I am speaking in context not about a goddamn cocktail party. Get over it life is unfair people will fear stereotypes

Anonymous said...

@12:33:00 PM

"but i am not willing to risk my life or property on the overwhelming chance the person I see at night is not an evildoer thats just naive ignorance. "

Uh...neither would I and who is asking you too? Is someone demanding that you leave your front door unlocked? That your leave your car unattended with the widows down? That you run toward the rough pack of black men down the street and throw yourself at their mercy? That you happily accept it when people toss litter on your lawn? Who exactly is making these demands of you?

I suspect that no one is. Rather, it looks like you've created some caricature in own mind to rail against -- the character being some arch-typical apologist for dysfunctional black behavior. You know, the sort grievance-ridden black person or guilty white liberal that gets invited on Hannity or O'reilly to play to "type".

I think you are confusing common-sense behavior (i.e., locking doors, avoid groups of young men, etc.) with some sort of racial political statement. It's like you're telling yourself: "I don't care what anyone says. I'm going to clutch my purse and walk to the other side of the street when I'm alone and see rough character approaching! I'm gonna lock my doors. I'm not a racist! Just a realist, so take your political correctness and shove it!!!" Thing is, you're not special, as most folks (including black folks) take precisely the same precautionary measures you do.

But maybe I assume too much. So please, again, let us know who is asking you to risk life, limb, and property? Seriously, who? Real flesh and blood people OR you're imaginary angry black man/guilty white friend?

Anonymous said...

there are only 9 black billionaires in the world, and only 1 is african american

Anonymous said...

@3:41:00 PM:


pat said...

"Im a native Washingtonian and you newcomers are poisoning our city. Give this Blackowned business a chance. "

I really hate this argument...

White people could have made this argument
from 1780 to 1950 against black people.

Black people could have made this argument against chinese-americans moving into the 7th street corridor in the 1960s.

The Native American's could have made this
argument against the White Settlers in 1550.

I'd say the issue is are any newcomers adding value and are the local residents participating in the community life.

I have neighbors who are white, I have neighbors who are black. Some of my neighbors are great, some of my neighbors, i can pass on.

I never went to 12 and frankly given the word of the stabbings and shootings and trouble there,
don't think i missed anything.

I've been to the Elroy a few times, we frequent Smith Commons, and we have been to a dozen places on H st.

If i were going to suggest something, i'd suggest the best thing any business can do is provide value, get along with the neighbors and
contribute to the atmosphere.

Tom said...

Do you think I could order the 12th St. Connection
(Hennessey & Grand Marnier on the rocks) at Little Miss Whiskies or the Pug? No? Darn! Well, we are all in luck, Touché Supper Club has it!

Also, killer craft beer selection: Heineken, Corona, Corona Light, Yengling, Red Stripe, Miller Lite,
Budweiser, Bud Lite, Guinness.

Also lots of fried fish and chicken. Yeah, this is a place for all sorts of discriminating palates.

Anonymous said...

this is so on point.......

Anonymous said...

And I've already been woken up at 2:00 a.m. (11/29) by the loud music. The closing of XII improved the quality of my life immensely. I hope Touché won't spoil it again.