Monday, February 09, 2015

The X2 Bus Featured in A-Z: The Real DC

This little gem popped up in my mentions when I was tweeting bout the X2 the other day. This is an alphabet book written by teen tutors from Reach Incorporated. You can get your own copy of the 60 page book for $17.99.

Here's more info from the publisher:

Washington DC teens take the reader on an exciting alphabet tour of their city using both photographs and words. It's DC like you've never seen it before. D is for Duke Ellington, G is for Go-Go, P is for the Potomac River, and Q is for Quadrants. The reader will learn the alphabet while learning about the city through the eyes of kids just like them!

Made in collaboration with Shootback, an organization that empowers young people to tell their own stories through photography and writing.

Reach Incorporated is a local organization that hires teens to serves as elementary school reading tutors. They have 140 participants at seven schools in the District.

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Anonymous said...

"U is for Urine,
why all the fuss?
Just enjoy the new smells
While riding your bus"