Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ethiopic Celebrates 5 Years in Business with a Special Offering

Ethiopic (410 H Street) celebrates five years on H Street with a little something special:

Unprecedented dining experience to celebrate our 5th year anniversary and to benefit On Sunday March 15th we will be offering an exotic Ethiopian food that you can rarely find at any Ethiopian restaurants. 

We will offer lentil Sambusa and kategna (toasted pieces of injera coated with berbere -red pepper spice, spiced butter/oil) as an appetizer. The exotic platter will consist of charred chicken liver, gored gored (spiced cubed raw beef), dulet (a stew of spiced beef, liver and lamb tripe),  milasna sember (beef tripe and tongue) and finally gomen besiga ( mixture of greens and beef).

We will also be offering a vegetarian/vegan platter that will consist of over 15 different items. The exotic platter will go for $50 and vegetarian platter will go for $40 and we will donate 50% from each platter to Ethiopia Reads the next day. 


Anonymous said...

shit's too expensive for ethiopian. addis ethiopan 4 life.

inked said...

You saw that it's a fundraiser, right?