Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Mobilizing Our Community at the Atlas

The Atlas (1333 H Street) is involved in a really cool new project called Mobilizing Our Community. This summer and early fall,  Mobilizing Our Community will bring 1000+ diverse DC residents together with kinetic artist Kevin Reese to create 50+ high-flying mobiles that will be installed at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.  The theme of the project is "balance and connection in our evolving city." The pieces of the mobile are being created by people of all ages in workshops at the Atlas and throughout the community.  Working under the guidance of the artist, participants draw, cut out, sand, paint, lay to wire, and balance the pieces.  The final installation, which will open at the H Street Festival and hang through September 26th (Art all Night), will be a wonderful visual celebration of many parts coming together to create a whole.

The organizers will hold four open community workshops at the Atlas.  During the workshops, participants will create pieces for the mobiles and balance finished pieces created by other people in the community.  The workshop is best for ages 8 and up.

The workshops are all from 1-4pm
Sat, July 25th
Sat, Aug 15th
Mon, Sept 7th
Sat, Sept 12th

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