Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Eater Names Maketto Restaurant of the Year.


Eater announced their restaurant awards, and some local places got a bit of love.

Restaurant of the Year
Two of the five nominees in this category are in the neighborhood. Masseria (1340 4th Street) and Maketto (1351 H Street) both got nods, with Maketto taking home the big prize.

Eater praises Maketto writing that the "uniquely-designed Taiwanese multi-concept restaurant and market in the H Street corridor, was worth the wait. The restaurant’s anticipated opening was one of the biggest restaurant stories of 2015, and the food and decor delivered on its promise."

Bartender of the Year
Devin Gong of CopyCat Co. (1110 H Street) was nominated.

So Hot Right Now
Sally's Middle Name (1320 H Street) was nominated.

Stone Cold Stunner
Masseria and Maketto both nominated. Maketto made it to the final round.

There were a total of seven categories, and places on H Street or in the Florida Avenue Market/Union Market area were nominated in four of the categories.


Anonymous said...

I like the pork sandwich, but I cant say the other food stands out more then any other place. I even prefer the bao and dumplings at copycat. I still love the Tokai ramen!

Does anyone else find the service at maketto bit off? It seems like they hired people who look hip but have no idea how to serve food or take orders? I do visit at least once a week

Chris said...

The potstickers at Copycat Co. are great; but the bao are *seriously* underfilled. The pockets in their bao are mostly just empty space.

That said, I have no opinion on Maketto yet; the waits have been too long for me to tolerate. Which I guess means they're doing well, so I'm happy for them; but there's lots of good options on H that don't require waiting so long.