Monday, January 11, 2016

4 Injured When Driver Crashes SUV into Dolcezza Gelato Factory

Photo courtesy of Nomad Yard Collectiv

The driver of a Mercedes SUV sent the vehicle careening into the popular Dolcezza Gelato factory and shop (550 Penn Street)a little after 3:30pm on Saturday. NBC 4 reports that three adults and one child were injured, and that at least some of those injuries were serious. NBC 4 also has footage of what appeared to be a man who came out of the vehicle, was given a field sobriety test, and was taken away in handcuffs by police. The video also shows police emptying liquid out of what looks like a beer can before reportedly placing it in an evidence bag.

Dolcezza, located behind Union Market, is a popular attraction for fans of all ages

Dolcezza issued the following statement via Facebook:

Our factory is our pulse. It's a space made for comfort, for conversations, for learning. We are incredibly grateful for the concern expressed by many after yesterday's car crash into our building. The factory will be closed for retail indefinitely as we begin repairs, but gelato production will continue and our other shops will not be affected. Out of respect to any injured guests, we're not discussing the incident much further as we wait to learn more about their health. Thanks for bearing with us as we work on reopening.
The following appeared in the 5D daily arrest report sent out Sunday morning:

Arrest Number 061600925
Arrest Date Jan 9, 2016 5:41:30 PM
Arrest Location 550 PENN STREET NE WASHINGTON, DC 20002 UNITED STATES PSA 506 Offender Last Name PUGH
Offender First Name TONIS
Gender M DOB Oct 31, 1966
Offense Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs
Felony/Misdemeanor M
Officer Rathlev

A Google search for the name Tonis Pugh turned up this 1998 article from the Free Lance-Star (Fredricksburg, VA) about a 31 year old man named Tonis D. Pugh who apparently was caught driving drunk. The Mr. Pugh in the article had a previous drunk driving conviction, and apparently sought to escape a second one by giving police his brother's name, rather than his own. He then pled guilty to the crime under his brother's name.

The name Tonis D. Pugh also turns up hits, including the following one, when searching District of Columbia court cases.

2009 CTF 026797: District of Columbia Vs. PUGH, TONIS D results in a guilty plea to driving under the influence- 1st offense (there's also mention of an open container).


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he must love Dolcezza even more than me!

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Rocky Road.

pat said...

This is a man with 4 kids and a serious alcohol problem.
I have to feel bad for the kids, it has to be something
fierce to live with a parent who DWI's all the time.