Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ANC 6A Economic Development Meeting 1/20 [Updated]

The ANC 6A Economic Development & Zoning Committee will hold a public meeting tomorrow concerning two four local developments. Two of these (1300 H Street and 1701 H Street) are of particular interest. I have updated the post below to reflect the most recent agenda. Keep in mind that you should be able to learn more about these projects. Keep in mind that you can learn more about these projects by looking them up in the Interactive Zoning Information System (IZIS).

Rendering from Capital City Real Estate website

1701 H Street is interesting because it's a bit further east of the main strip and would hopefully extend some of the development we've been seeing. Plans call for 180 residential units, and over 14,000 square feet of ground floor retail. You can read more about this one in a recent article from the Washington Business Journal.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.46.40 AM
Image from Google Maps

Image from the Insight Property Group website

1300 H Street is the site of the former R. L. Christian Library. Plans call for 36 high-end residential units, and 6,600 square feet of ground floor retail.

The complete agenda appears below (past agendas for the Economic Development Committee are available on ANC 6A's website):

When: Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 7-9pm,
Where: Sherwood Recreation Center, 640 10th Street, Second (2nd) Floor Community Room

7pm – Welcome/Introductions

7pm – Community Comments

7pm – Status Reports

1)      Resolution of previously heard BZA/HPRB cases (Brad Greenfield)

New Business

1.      1701 H Street, NE (Case Number 15-31):  The PUD seeks a land use designation change from the existing C-2-A to C-2-B in order to develop the Property. The property is currently unimproved and the Applicant proposes to construct a mixed-use building with approximately 14,342 square feet of ground-floor retail uses and 180 residential units on nine floors above.  The applicant will also use the PUD process to obtain relief from other requirements of the Zoning Regulations, including the parking, loading and roof structure requirements.

2.      1300 H Street, NE (Case Number 19026):  The developer will update the ANC on our progress and confirm in-person that we remain on schedule. The developer also wants to inform the ANC of technical modifications of plans that were submitted. They are submitting a refined level of building drawings to the BZA.

3.      230 12th Place, NE (Case Number 19198):  Application of Peter Lord and Rebecca Larsen, pursuant to 11 DCMR § 3104.1, for a special exception under § 223, not meeting the lot occupancy requirements under § 403.2, the open court requirements under § 406, and the nonconforming structure requirements under § 2001.3, to construct a two-story rear addition to an existing one-family dwelling.

4.      619 Elliott Street, NE (Case Number 19199):  Application of Thomas and Whitney Paxson, pursuant to 11 DCMR § 3104.1, for a special exception under § 223, not meeting the lot occupancy requirements under § 403.2, the open court requirements under § 406, and the nonconforming structure requirements under § 2001.3, to construct a third-story addition to an existing one-family dwelling.


Anonymous said...

Kids who are nine and ten years old now, will be the ones benefiting from DC's over-development---by the time they're in the market for an apt, rates will stabilize and be affordable.

Right now, prices on rental apts are nuts, 1700 to live in the atlas across from Safeway in hechinger mall, the ten residents living there must be crazy. 2000 to live above giant on h st, and yet most of these buildings have so many vacancies and i bet they increase rates on existing tenants every year too. Is there something I'm missing....other than having disposable money lol?

Neighbor said...

Are they providing any parking spaces with either of those properties?

curmudgeon said...

Why is ANC6A's ED&Z committee considering 1701 H? It's not in ANC6A.

RPW said...

Had the same question as Curmudgeon. The 1701 H Project is in 5D (KH's SMD to be specific) why is it being covered by a 6A meeting?

Anonymous said...

The 1701 H St NE development would be in ANC 5D05. Why would ANC 6A be disusing it before it has been even mentioned in ANC 5D? Was 5D05's commissioner keeping this from appearing on the agenda? A development like this could really improve the safety for the stretch of Benning Rd from 19th to 16th, a well known zone of tumult and chaos. We definitely need to come together as a community to support this project.

Also, for those of you with better credit than me, this would be a great time to snatch up the units on the north side of Benning Rd (1720 to 1814 Benning Rd NE). If someone did a thoughtful renovation and modernization of these units it would be a great benefit to our community and I am certain that there would be an excellent return on your investment.

RPW said...

To be fair I don't think the 5D05 commissioner has publicly commented or tried to keep it off the agenda. The last ANC5D meeting was fairly soon after the WBJ article came out and there likely wasn't time to address it then.

Anonymous said...

The same happens around Union Market. Developers present to 5D (where UM is located) and to 6C (who has often asked for more of developers than 5D has in the past).

For properties on the border of two ANCs, it should be presented at both. Just because someone is across the street from a development project shouldn't necessarily mean they get less of an opportunity to voice an opinion than someone that lives 10 blocks away but in that ANC. Am I right?

That the current 5D Commissioner may try to get something out of this is not unlikely. Developers make campaign contributions to Commissioners. Hasn't Douglas Jemal given Kathy Henderson money in the past for her Ward 5 campaigns?

inked said...

Curmudgeon & RPW,
Neighboring ANCs can weigh in on projects near their borders. I'll try to link to some authority/info tonight.

I 'm sure I can also better answer your question tonight. Off the top of my head I believe you are referring to a donation (or donations, I'd want to check) to a past Henderson Council campaign.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I do not plan to support this development unless they sell liquor, lottery tickets, and single cigarettes in accordance with the historic character of the neighborhood.

Also, I feel like that's a nice looking drawing, and evil corporate developers must have money. I like money. Is there any way I can interfere with this development until they pay me some of their money or at least give me something?