Friday, March 11, 2016

Bardo Reopens Outdoor Beer Garden for Spring


Spring weather is here, and Bardo (1200 Bladensburg Road) is opening their outdoor beer garden to celebrate. They've even spiffed up the outdoor bar to "[incorporate] freshly milled wood and [provide] a glimpse of the finishes that will be featured at the new Bardo Riverfront brew garden next to Nats Stadium." As always, they'll be serving up their house brews by the glass, pint, or growler. Feel free to bring your well-behaved canine friends, as Bardo is extremely dog friendly and boasts around 15,000 sqft for your furry pal to roam around off leash. They even have a resident canine, Bar Dawg, to act as unofficial welcoming party. Cornhole and tables are available for humans. Bardo doesn't serve food, but you are welcome to bring your own, and the bartender has a stash of menus for local places willing to deliver. At night you can catch movies or sporting events on their large projection screen. Their space is is also available free of charge for private parties or fundraisers. Ask the bartender for details.

The new outdoor bar. Image courtesy of Bardo


Anonymous said...

Guess you didn't read the comments that the Bardo owner made about how unsafe Trinidad is.

inked said...

I read what was said. I'm not particularly bothered by the comments in context. Sometimes sketchy things do happen in Trinidad, and that stretch of Bladensburg Road is not one of the safer parts of Trinidad.

Anonymous said...

In which article did the owner make the Trinidad comments? Some of us missed that.

inked said...

It was during a recent ANC Board hearing about Bardo's new project near the Nationals Stadium. There's transcript you can get from ABRA or Barred in DC. Fair warning, that transcript is around 300 pages long. The context was basically that Bardo hasn't had any big issues, and that that is particularly notable considering their location.

Anonymous said...

Comments re: Trinidad start on page 89 or 90.

inked said...

The referenced comment starts at line 18 on the bottom of page 89, and continues to line 2 of page 90. It reads thusly:

18 Because the Trinidad location, basically
19 it's doubling the size and you know, we haven't
20 had a lick of problem in Trinidad in two years,
21 which is shocking. We hadn't had any kind of
22 like violations, police arrests, or anything. I
1 don't know why, because Trinidad is a very
2 sketchy area, but we've had good luck.

It's best read in context. So have at it, but read a bit before and after. The owner is trying to demonstrate that the Bardo team has been able to maintain order and be free of major violations in Trinidad, in order to show that they can do the same at a larger beer garden near the Nationals Stadium.