Thursday, April 28, 2016

News in Brief: Highline at Union Market, Holbrook Terrace BZA, & a Clean Up

Image from Level 2 Development website

Make way way for Level 2 Development's Highline at Union Market (320 Florida Ave). The developer has filed a raze permit application for the Burger King that currently occupies the space. Upon completion the Highline will include 317 apartments and nearly 10,000 square feet of retail space.

The Trinidad Neighborhood Association has a summary of the latest news regarding BZA case 19173 concerning 1264 Holbrook Terrace. Want to watch videos of the April 19th Board of Zoning Adjustment hearing? Do it! Part I & Part II.

Speaking of the Trinidad Neighborhood Association, they've scheduled a community clean-up for 10am May 14th. Meet at Joe Cole Rec (1299 Neal Street). Bring gloves if you've got them.


Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to me why everyone seems to be so excited about this Highline building? Is it the architecture? The park on the side of the building? The future razing of the Burger King? The cool NYC vibe that the name of the building has? Is it the excitement that the Union Market area is extending and expanding? What is it?

Chris said...

Anon 12:24 -- I hope it's not the architecture, since that rendering looks hideous.

Anonymous said...

Obviously it's the removal of Burger King and the continued whiteification of DC. New Yorkificaiton?

Unknown said...

Design preferences and racial politics aside, I'm not sure how this isn't preferable to the Burger King situation we currently have there. So, yeah - I guess I'm just excited about the redevelopment of the entire parcel generally. Having said that, I am sad to see the wholesale marketers generally in Union Market being forced to move away. Hope Litteri's -at least - can hang around somehow.

Anonymous said...

I hate the X2 bus.

Anonymous said...

Really? "Whiteification"?

It's like reading one of those anti-gentrification stories in the WaPo a few years ago... some woman in public housing lamenting the rise of all the condos, wanting to know why no one's doing something "for them". No one is giving free $500k condos to white people.

DC has been a "majority black" city for most of its existence and unlike most urban areas there wasn't a "white flight" - it was upper income and middle class blacks who were driven out by the riots in '68. They burned black businesses and forced blacks who invested and cared about neighborhoods to flea to the suburbs.

For forty years the residents of DC did nothing but elect corrupt officials and piss away every opportunity and now that people are spending money and investing to improve the neighborhoods everyone's crying "racism" and "economic discrimination". It's tiring and lazy. It sucks that there aren't jobs out there for undereducated low-skilled "native" DC residents. But that's reality. You move to a place you can afford.

Growing up in Florida my parents never owned a home and my father had multiple jobs - we moved every few years - adjusting to the reality of life. We never bitched about being "forced out". There are legitimately hurting people in the city who need help and then there's another 2/3 of people who are basically sucking up resources for that other 1/3 that truly need a helping hand and a step up. There are too many people who live in DC that complain about being disadvantaged and get in the way of the truly disadvantaged instead of rolling up their sleeves or doing something proactive.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, F that Burger King

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:40

DC has not "been a "majority black" city for most of its existence" The city is 225 years old, not 40. The corruption in this city is very real, and it is frustrating that it can't be wiped out, but there is real history of it crossing race lines. How about looking up Boss Shepard for starters.

Anyways, we should be demanding a full investigation of what happened to funds at DC Trust. Lots of young people, who are working to do the right thing will be affected by adult corruption yet again.

Anonymous said...

I will miss the bk. really wish they could have found a way to save it.