Monday, May 09, 2016

News in Brief: a Patio at Fresca, WaPo Reviews BAB, Condos on Montello

A short ribs and brown rice bowl with house veggies from BAB Korean Fusion

Reader Karen Ramsey sends word that Citi Pizza (504 H Street) is temporarily closed for renovations. A note posted on the window indicated that the closure would "close 2 to 3 weeks from Monday April 25."
The Washington Post has a write up on BAB Korean Fusion (1387 H Street, Suite A) in which the author gives the place high marks, but calls the pork belly that tops one bowl "poorly rendered." When I stopped BAB on Saturday they told me they are in the process of tweaking the pork belly preparation. They also recently added some new menu items. You can now choose battered grilled flounder or chicken as bowl toppings. Other news additions include tacos, and a seafood pancake. The japchae noodles made the jump from specials to the everyday menu.

The website is up for the new Thornton Development condos at 1112 Montello Avenue.

District Cuisine notes that Taqueria & Rosticeria Fresca (701 H Street) has plans to add an outdoor patio. This should make good use of that large sidewalk space on the corner.

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Tom said...

Wonder how BAB will do with POW POW on the street now. Has H st reached peak Korean fast casual?