Thursday, July 28, 2016

Local News Brief: Sidamo Turns 10, #KeepArgoRunning, & Progress at Conscious Café


The Washington City Paper catches up with the team behind Sidamo Coffee and Tea (417 H Street) as they prepare to celebrate the shop's 10th anniversary and watch a Starbucks open down the street. Spoiler alert: they aren't scared (and rightly so).

The Argonaut (1433 H Street) might be closed right now, but the Argo Run Club is still going strong. The group, which meets outside the restaurant each Friday at 6pm, is planning their weekly run of 2 to 6 miles. They've also started using the hashtag #KeepArgoRunning. No word yet on plans for the group's usual post-run happy hour.

Twitter brings word that Conscious Café (1413 H Street) could open soon.


pat said...

The post says Argonaut closed due to a tax lien

inked said...

The articles says the Argo was closed due to an unpaid tax bill in 2009. It also says that "the Office of Tax and Revenue confirmed that the padlock and sign were not placed there by the city" this time around.

Tom said...

Conscience & Cafe is going to be horrible. If the owner had this much trouble opening the place, they surely will not be able to run it. Grand opening. Grand closing.

MarkNearRFK said...

MONTHS ago I saw the curtains open, tables in place, and someone working on bookkeeping or other desk work at one of them. It LOOKED open. But no. Tom above may have a point. But maybe it's permitting problems or something beyond their control. Let's hope.