Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Local News Brief: IMM Sushi Lounge Opens, Two Boots Update, & Taste of Jamaica Space for Lease


Local Thai restaurant IMM on H (1360 H Street) has added a second floor sushi lounge. As you can see from the sign, IMM Sushi Lounge is currently in soft opening mode.

Local blog District Cuisine has an interview with the team behind Two Boots (pizza and Cajun cuisine coming to 1025 H Street).

District Cuisine also brings us news that Taste of Jamaica's (528 H Street) space is up for lease. As the blog points out, the building is facing redevelopment as the Whole Foods goes in across the street. Taste of Jamaica first opened at this location during the summer of 2005. Previously, a carryout selling African style (I believe it was Ghanaian) fried fish had briefly occupied the building, before shutting down in 2002.

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