Monday, December 12, 2016

Stable to Replace Ocopa

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I've got more details regarding the fate of Peruvian eatery Ocopa (1324 H St.). A locked door and a note about renovations recently greeted would be diners at Ocopa, until the note disappeared along with the restaurant's website and social media presence. I reached out to one of the owners, and he confirmed that Ocopa has closed. He also passed along information about the new restaurant that will take over the space. It's called Stable, and it's a Swiss-American concept from chefs David Fritsche and Silvan Kramer.

Stable popped up at EatsPlace in January, and the site has bios for both Fritsche and Kramer, as well as a menu from the pop up. It's fine dining with a menu that "showcases old family recipes from Switzerland combined with modern American fare." They anticipate opening in March of 2017.

Here's the summary that was sent to me:

Two dynamic, Swiss-born & trained Chefs with a passion for great food, drinks, and hospitality are following their dream of opening a restaurant. Having travelled from Switzerland to the Middle East, Ireland, and finally the U.S., they have cooked in some of the finest restaurants in the world and pleased the pallets of many celebrities, royalty and world leaders during their journey.
Now they are ready to introduce their expertise to Washington D.C..

Silvan & David’s vision is to create a clever and creative blend between American and Swiss culture, capturing both the unique lifestyles of the U.S. and the high-quality standards for which Switzerland is known. Guests will experience unique food and beverage offerings in a relaxed and fun environment, enjoying local and sustainable products whenever possible. The cuisine showcases old family recipes from Switzerland combined with modern American fare.

“After living in the US for over 8 years and getting accustomed to American life, we discovered that one fun detail of international trade between our countries is the fact that the U.S. imports vast amounts of Swiss chocolate and cheese while the Swiss cannot get enough U.S. Beef. The idea for the theme of our restaurant was born:  Stable DC”

The projected opening of Stable D.C. is March 2017.


Anonymous said...

I really liked Ocopa, but this looks really promising.

Anonymous said...

sounds good. hopefully the price to portion size ratio will be good as well.

Annoyingmous said...

I'm glad that they're going to try to provide locally sourced sustainable food; but will it be artisanal humanely raised free range organic locally sourced sustainable food? And most importantly of all, will it be small plates?

Anonymous said...

cant wait for explosive indigestion after eating at this place. Mmmmm. Also, will they have horse meats?

Anonymous said...

chocolate, cheese, and beef. delicious combination

Anonymous said...

Ocopa was way too expensive for what you were getting. And let's face it, people want Peruvian Chicken when eating at a Peruvian restaurant.

Alas, if they just would have listened to me when I posted these same pointers out when they first opened, their business may have survived.

Anonymous said...

Cheapest food, for the most money to the stupidest people who stand in line for $15 salads, tacos and bowls of rice.