Thursday, July 27, 2017

Local Food & Drink Round-Up


As always, there's no shortage of local food and drink news. Here's are some stories you might find of interest.

Michael Neibauer of the Washington Business Journal reports that the Chick-fil-A on Maryland Avenue NE is up for sale. As Neibauer explains, the news doesn't mean that the restaurant is closing, but rather that the property owner could be looking at a handsome profit.

Eater has details and photos of Spigot and Spile and Blue Diner that are coming to 1248–1250 H Street NE. It sounds like they could be opening soon.

Craft Beer Cellar (301 H Street NE, Ste. A) will celebrate their first anniversary Saturday, August 5th 10 am–10 pm. Lone Pint Brewery of Magnolia, Texas will make its East Coast debut. The event will also feature beer releases from Allagash, Fantome, and Grimm, as well as an afternoon tasting (1–4 pm) from Oliver Brewing. Stop by to celebrate and maybe snag some brewery swag.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to have a real diner option, as well as a british pub I will never go to because my loyalties will always be with the Vic. Love you Vic.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone recommend that chinese takeout next to crown fried chicken on H and 8th is it any good? I like the place next to murray's ( Now whole foods ) when I wanted quick and cheap.

inked said...


Major's actually has better food than that place. Give them a try.

@HStreetDC_ said...

Agree with inked. Major's has been there at least 30 years. Better food than the late Good Danny's. It's old-style Chinese carryout. Nothing fancy. Generous servings on the cheap, especially their lunch and house specials.