Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ðôi Ðũa Popping Up at Shopkeepers Starting Tomorrow

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Photo from Ðôi Ðũa's menu announcement 

Vietnamese eatery Ðôi Ðũa will get their pop up inside Shopkeepers (1231 Florida Ave NE) up and running with dinners Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights starting this week. Fridays and Saturdays they will serve a changing tasting menu. This time it's a six course meal for ($85) featuring Bún cá Châu Đốc (turmeric and coconut milk broth, flaked haddock, vermicelli rice noodles, lemongrass, and herbs). You must buy tickets online ahead of time, and the ticket price does not include gratuity.

On Thursdays they'll offer a changing à la carte menu. For Thursdays you buy one ticket to reserve a table (for up to four patrons). Table tickets are $25, but that ticket price will just come out of your final bill. They still have spots available for tomorrow and next Thursday, as well as for Saturday, July 29th.


Tom said...

$85 plus tip on a place i never heard of operating out of a clothing store with a hot plate? Nah.

inked said...


A lot of other people seem to have heard of them. Here's some info from Washingtonian.

Tom said...

Touche Inked. Curious the line cook from the Michelin starred restaurant isn't doing the cooking. Also interesting they probably won't even stay in DC. Also, tip is included with the $85 so that makes it more palatable. But still...$85 is kinda steep for unproven talent. Hard pass.

inked said...

I think gratuity was included in the price of the earlier pop up in the article, but not the $85 for the tasting menu you can get now. At least that's what it says on their website.

Josh said...

Tom, it's embarrassing speaking about something you know nothing about. One of my coworkers went to one of their events, and he said it was the best Vietnamese food he's ever had. If you don't get it, move aside for those who actually understand what's going on. Prick.

Tom said...


Speak about something I do not know about? What part of "I never heard of them" doesn't make sense to you Josh? I was pretty upfront that I know nothing about them. I was commenting on price, location, and newness to the market. What on earth do you know about them that the rest of us peons don;t?

As for your co-worker, I am unaware he is the end all be all on what Vietnamese cuisine should be.

Finally, what part of Inked's request of "please be polite" do you not comprehend? Or are you too busy talking to your professional taste tester co-worker to read the community rules of a local blog?


Anonymous said...

I went here last week! Had a great time and it's totally worth the price.

I live across the street and they are bringing something totally new to the area!

Oh and that line cook girl does cook, they are both the chefs.And if you haven't had their food yet then I wouldn't say they have unproven talent. Josh has a point that's rude.

Tom said...

I was liking your comment all the way till the last part. I do not think it is rude to call someone unproven when they never ran a kitchen. I didn't say they sucked. I didn't say they were out of their depth. I said they were unproven. This is both their first foray into owning/operating a restaurant. While the women from Rose's has extensive experience, having Aaron Silverman at the helm is akin to a raising tide raising all ships. This woman I am sure is quite skilled (or else she wouldn't have worked at Rose's) Nevertheless, she is up till now unproven. I do not think it is rude to state that.

I am glad to hear you and Josh's co-worker enjoyed yourselves. I live in the hood too and very much enjoyed Conbini by Uzu. It was obviously more affordable then this place, which I feel a clothing store with a hot plate is more suited for, but hey, I never wished ill will upon the new establishment.

Snowflakes in August apparently on the comment thread.