Monday, July 17, 2017

Man Shot in Hand Near 9th & D St. NE During Robbery

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A man was shot during an apparent robbery shortly before midnight last night in the 900 block of D Street NE. According to an email sent by an MPD representative the victim was walking east on D Street when three suspects approached him and attempted to take his backpack. The victim was shot in the hand. The text alert (below) that went out at 12:20 am, indicated police were looking for four black men who left the scene in a black Toyota SUV.

Alert: Shooting at 2358 hrs in the 900 block of D St NE. LOF: 4 B/Ms L/S in a black Toyota SUV on D St NE.
Sent to 1st District (PSA 101-108) Alert DC
Sent by MPD Cad # 11205


Anonymous said...

The police and have cameras at many intersections (the Starburst, to name one). Can recordings from these be used to identify the vehicle? If not, why not?

inked said...

The cameras don't always capture the license plates clearly but I'm sure those cameras are at least sometimes the source of footage police release showing vehicles of interest.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

i wonder if the time of the criminal activity is correct. i was a few blocks away walking outside, also with a backpack, at that time. i didn't hear any shots.

Anonymous said...

Now he becomes an expert at short hand!