Friday, October 13, 2017

CitiPizza for Sale for $95K on Craigslist

Photo from the Craigslist ad

An anonymous tipster altered me that CitPizza is listed for sale on Craigslist. The ad, which was posted yesterday, reads:

"Pizza store for sale in Washington DC H St, NE. Close to Union Station. I am asking $95K but I can accept reasonable offer. Must see. Interested, email me immediately won't last long. Owner has other interest, willing to sell immediately."

CitiPizza is located at 504 H Street NE.


pat said...

Is the owner selling the business or the real estate?

inked said...

For $95K? Definitely just the business. I doubt you'd find any building on H Street NE these days for that price (at least the commercial part of H St. before you hit the Starburst).

Anonymous said...

What is doing down at the barer shop next to Po Boy Jims? I see the gates are down and a line of people at the door late nights.

pat said...

Unless it's another craigslist scam.

Anonymous said...

They are selling just the business!