Thursday, December 07, 2017

Election Cycle Coming to 1108 H Street NE

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Local blog District Cuisine has been serving up lots of news about area spots recently, and it's not all confined to food. Last night District Cuisine tweeted about Election Cycle, the new spin studio taking over The Daily Rider's old space at 1108 H Street NE (the Daily Rider is still working on their new space at 600 H Street NE).
Their website proclaims:

Finally a party you can be proud to be a part of!
A party that is passionate, determined, and supportive- in all of the right ways!
Whether you’ve been in the spin room for years or today is your first go round, we’ve got exactly what you need.

For those interested in checking out the studio, it is scheduled to open January 18th. Single classes are priced at $22 with your first class offered on a buy one get one basis. Election Cycle also offers packages (10 classes for $185 or 20 classes for $350) and unlimited memberships ($65 by the week, $165 by the month for 1–2 months, or $150 a month with a minimum 3 month commitment). The schedule of classes is on their website. All classes are capped at 25 participants.

You can follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates.


Anonymous said...

1108 H, not 1008.

inked said...

You are correct. Thanks. Fixed it.