Wednesday, January 10, 2018

ANC 5D to Hold Special Meeting to Elect Officers, Date TBD

Video of last night's ANC 5D meeting (courtesy of Edward Milton)

Here's the full playlist of videos for last night's ANC 5D meeting. Thanks to Edward Milton for taping and uploading it so quickly (you can also watch video of the December meeting if you are so inclined). Just a warning, last night's meeting ran very long (about 3 hours). I wasn't at last night's meeting, and I haven't had a chance to watch the video yet, so the details below rely on tweets from a local resident (@ker_dc) who frequently live tweets these meetings. If you want to read tweets from last night's meeting you can search #ANC5D on Twitter.

One of the items on the agenda for last night was officer elections. Unfortunately Commissioner Bernice Blacknell (5D04) was out sick, so only six of the seven commissioners were in attendance. When they held the vote for a new chair the choice was between current Chair Commissioner Clarence Lee (5D07) and Commissioner Kathy Henderson (5D05). Commissioner Blacknell was reportedly also nominated (by Henderson), but was obviously not present. The vote ended in a tie with Commissioners James Butler (5D03, and currently running for Mayor), Peta-Gay Lewis (5D01), and Henderson supporting Henderson, while Commissioners Yvonne Buggs (5D06), Keisha Shropshire (5D02), and Lee backed Lee's bid. They tried again, but the results remained the same. ANC 5D will hold a special meeting to elect officers. I don't have a date for that yet, but I will post it once that becomes available. We might also soon begin to see some updates show up on the ANC 5D website as Commissioner Shropshire has volunteered to take over that job (the website is currently about a year out of date).


Anonymous said...

Bless ker_dc for posting (and enduring). Shropshire's patience is superhuman. Watching the other commissioners bicker and yell over nothing is a disgrace. This ANC deserves so much better.

Anonymous said...

this was one of the more entertaining meetings. ANC 5D is such a joke now, its sad.

OverIt said...

It's a shame Blacknell was out, but hopefully she recuperates in time to slap down KH and her crew of creeps.

Petty_Betty said...

So Peta-Gay thinks the person who STARTED A FIGHT (Kathy) after the December meeting is more qualified to lead the ANC than the mature adult (Clarence) who sat quietly. I thought Peta-Gay was kind of in the middle but apparently not. I'm disappoint in her.

Kathy, James and Peta-Gay all need challengers in 2018.

Anonymous said...

The special meeting has been scheduled for Monday, January 22 at 7PM.