Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Video of Last Night's ANC 5D Officer Elections

Screenshot of video shot by Edward Milton of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5D 1/22/2018 special meeting to elect officers. Commissioners Kathy Henderson, James Butler, and Peta-Gay Lewis vote in favor of electing Kathy Henderson as Chair.
This still from video of last night's meeting shows Commissioners Henderson, Butler, and Lewis voting to support Kathy Henderson in her unsuccessful bid for Chair of ANC 5D

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5D, which includes Carver-Langston, Trinidad, Gallaudet University, Union Market, and Ivy City, held a special meeting to elect officers last night. As usual local resident Edward Milton was on hand to record the proceedings so we can all watch what happened. Those videos appear below.

Spoiler alert, they re-elected the existing officers (a good thing).

Here are the officers:
Chair – Commissioner Clarence Lee (5D07)
Vice Chair – Commissioner Bernice Blacknell (5D04)
Treasurer – Commissioner Keisha Shropshire (5D02)
Secretary – Commissioner Yvonne Buggs (5D06)

The Commission did hold an election for Chair at their regular January monthly meeting, but Commissioner Blacknell was sick and could not make it. So only six of the seven commissioners were present for the original meeting. After two attempts to elect a Chair resulted in a tie between Commissioner Kathy Henderson (5D05) and Commissioner Lee the Commission decided postpone officer elections until last night's meeting.

Gottlieb Simon, Executive Director of the Office of the ANC, was present at last night's meeting to help ensure that the election ran smoothly. Those watching the videos will note that it take a while to get to the actual elections. Henderson tries to claim the meeting was not properly noticed. The commissioners had photos of physical notices hanging in the SMDs, but apparently someone goofed and the photo labeled as showing the notice in 5D05 was actually just the photo from 5D04. But the required notices were reportedly posted in all SMDS, and the notice was sent to listserves and posted elsewhere online (including on this blog).

If you only care about watching the elections you can skip to the second video.

You may have heard there was a bit of drama following the meeting. It was caught on video, but unfortunately I don't believe it's been publicly shared yet.


Annoyingmous said...

Hmmm. I wonder if I can guess who one of the commissioners involved in any such drama might have been.

ThatsWhatSheSaid said...

You guessed right @Annoyingmous. Kathy Henderson got into an altercation with the other officers and physically ripped up the meeting sign in sheet in a tantrum about not being elected chair. She then threatened anyone standing there that they would be sued for telling what she had done. The police had to step in to stop the commotion. It was actually scary.