Monday, February 12, 2018

Righteous Cheese Leaves Ooey Gooey Crispy Grilled Cheese in its Place at Union Market


A visit to Righteous Cheese will now require a bit more a trek than a simple visit to Union Market (1309 Fifth Street NE). The owners announced that the cheese counter/restaurant, which has been at Union Market since the early days, has closed up shop as the owners prepare to open "a traveling cheese bar based in Charlottesville, VA." This isn't exactly goodbye. You'll still be able to find them at regional events, and be able to book them for events and parties. The owners are also launching a new concept at Union Market called ooey gooey crispy. It's a nod to the popularity of the grilled cheese sandwiches sold by Righteous Cheese. Ooey gooey crispy "offer[s] a menu with 8 cheeses, 3 butters and 9 toppings" for excellent sandwiches. You can also order "the best tomato soup you’ve ever had," and enjoy it with beer or wine at the counter seating.

If you really can't stand the thought of losing Righteous Cheese, they have a Cheese Club that will ship selections of their cheese straight to your door.

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