Tuesday, February 13, 2018

W.S. Jenks Hardware to Offer Free Class on Home Pest Control 2/17

Masonry Class 
 The crowd at last month's historic masonry class. Image courtesy of W.S. Jenks

W.S. Jenks Hardware (910 Bladensburg Road NE) will hold a free class this Saturday (11am–12pm) on what to do if pests like mice, rats, or roaches invade your home, and what you can do to avoid an infestation in the first place. Gary Balogh of PF Harris, America's oldest EPA-registered company, will teach the class. “Customers come to our store every day looking for answers on how to deal with ongoing pest problems,” said Jenks owner Jerry Siegel. “Hosting a rep from one of the top names in pest control will give local residents a chance to speak with an expert on what tools and information they need to defeat their unwanted house guests.” This is the second class Jenks has hosted this year. Last month's event, which focused on historic masonry, drew a crowd of more than 90 attendees. Register to reserve your spot.

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