Thursday, March 22, 2018

A March for Our Lives Fundraiser at Hill Prince Saturday


A reader writes in with news of how you can support March for Our Lives at the same time you enjoy a fun night out drinking with friends at Hill Prince (1337 H Street NE). From one of the organizers:

You know the stats.  Mass shootings occur in the U.S. at a rate of nearly 1 per day.  We average about 13,000 gun homicides per year.  And 100 lives are lost here each day on account of guns.  It's no surprise then, that 94% of Americans want background checks; 82% want the age of purchase raised to 21; and 72% want an outright ban on assault-style weapons.  But cowardly legislators consciously ignore these realities, choosing NRA dollars over American lives.  Some incredibly courageous kids are trying to do something about that, and we ought to support them, first, by marching with them, and second, by drinking with our friends.  Here's how you do the latter...

After the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES, on Saturday March 24th from 8-10pm, we'll party at Hill Prince to give those courageous kids some monetary support, while drinking delicious beverages. Gun violence is a very real challenge for many of us living in the District. Let's join together to find allies, raise some money for a great cause an enjoy H Street's greatest 1-year old bar. 

Where: Hill Prince (1337 H Street NE)
When: 8–10pm Saturday, March 24th
Why/Cost: $45 ticket, half of which will go to the March for Our Lives. Your ticket also gets you 2 hours (8–10pm) of unlimited drinks (beers, wines and a Hill Prince specialty cocktail). "The open bar ends at 10pm, but we (and hopefully you) will be grooving at HP all night. SO, for the price of a few drinks, you get 2 hours of them AND you donate to a phenomenal cause."
Per the organizers, those who buy tickets and do not attend will have their entire ticket price donated to the March for Our Lives cause.


Anonymous said...

The only thing you'll ever accomplish by blaming inanimate objects for the evil in men's hearts is to guarantee that you'll never do anything to truly address the problem.

Objects have neither will nor intent. Only people can be evil. That's a basic truth that many people just don't want to believe. And as long as those people are choosing the solutions, they will choose poorly, because they are in denial of reality.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11:24

Absolutely right.

That's a Lame Strawman said...

Seriously? No one is blaming inanimate objects for "the evil in men's hearts." That's honestly the weakest attempt at a strawman argument I've seen in ages.

If that was an attempt at satire, I'd have to suggest you spend a bit of time studying The Onion.