Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Draft Agenda for Tonight's Public ANC 5D Meeting

Screenshot of video shot by Edward Milton of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5D 1/22/2018 special meeting to elect officers. Commissioners Kathy Henderson, James Butler, and Peta-Gay Lewis vote in favor of electing Kathy Henderson as Chair. 
ANC 5D Meeting from video shot by Edward Milton

Here's the draft agenda for tonight's Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5D monthly public meeting that will be held at 7pm at MPD's 5D headquarters (1805 Bladensburg Road NE)

Welcome/Unity Prayer & Introduction
  • Call to order Roll Call (Commissioner Lee)
  • Adoption of the Agenda (Commissioner Lee)
  • Adoption of Minutes February & March 1 (Commissioner Lee)
  • Chairperson’s Report (Commissioner Lee)
    • Commissioners’ agenda meeting 3/27/18
    • April 10th meeting location change
  • Treasurer’s Report (Commissioner Shropshire)
Standing Presentations (5 minutes each)

  • Public Safety Report - PSA 505, 506, 507 (MPD 5th District Team)
    • Ward 5 Citizen Advisory Council March 15th
  • Ward 5 Council member McDuffie (Kelly Cislo)
  • Executive Office of the Mayor (Lionel Gaines)

Community Concerns

  • Community Concerns (5D Community Members)
    • 1 minute each; 5 minutes total
    • In compliance with DC Code 1-309.11(b)(3), this time is provided for up to 5 community members to share “their views on problems or issues of concern within the Commission area and on proposed DC Government actions that affect the Commission area.” 
    • Please provide your name and address/location of the issue when stating your concern.

Voting Action

  • (5 minutes each: 3 min. of applicant presentation, 1min. of discussion, 1 min. to vote)
  • Class A Retail Liquor License renewal March 31, 2018
    • 5B02 Kovack 1237 Mt. Olivet Rd NE
    • 5B05 Sylvia Liquor Store-1818 Benning Rd. NE
    • 5B06 Bodega Market 1136 Florida Ave NE
    • 5B06 Rose’s 830 Bladensburg Rd. NE
    • 5B07 Stanton 1044 Bladensburg Rd NE
  • DC Carbon Reduction Resolution
  • Paving driveway at 1834 Kendall St NE-DDOT 278432
Requested Presentation

  • DBH Opioid Awareness presentation (Travis Dread-Hughes)

Commissioner Reports

  • Single Member District Reports (Commissioners 5D01 – 5D07)
    • 1 minute each


  • The next ANC 5D regular monthly public meeting is Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

ANC 5D Commissioners 2017 - 2018

  • 5D01: Peta-Gay Lewis 
  • 5D02: Keisha Shropshire (Treasurer)
  • 5D03: James Butler
  • 5D04: Bernice Blacknell (Vice Chair)
  • 5D05: Kathy Henderson 
  • 5D06: Yvonne Buggs (Secretary)
  • 5D07: Clarence Lee (Chairman)


Edwina Francis said...

Mr. Milton, we need video!!

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I hear you - its been posted.


Edwina Francis said...

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