Wednesday, April 04, 2018

There's a Street Festival Over By Union Market Saturday & it Sounds Really Fun

Map from from the Union Market District StreetFest webpage

Cross your fingers for nice weather this weekend, because there's a lot happening in what the kids these days are calling the Union Market District. Regardless of what you call the area, you're probably going to want to check out the all day street festival the neighborhood is hosting on Saturday. The festival organizers aim to "celebrat[e] the diverse collection of businesses, both old and new, with a daylong street fest featuring food and activities from district neighbors and partners including Trader Joe’s, Politics and Prose, Cotton & Reed, Masseria, PlumaA. Litteri, Blue Bottle, DC United and more."

From a press release:

Bordered by New York Avenue, Florida Avenue and 6th Street NE, the festival will be spread across the entire Union Market District, including venues 4th x Neal, Angelika, Dock 5, 4th x Morse Street and the Market itself.
From all-day live music at Neal Place to a pop-up bookshop by Politics & Prose and a bevy of food trucks lining Neal Place NE, the entire district, long known for attracting innovative retail as well as launching and scaling businesses, will be activated for a day of creativity and community. 
World class chefs will be on hand for cooking tips while DC United players lead a youth workshop. Michelin-starred chef Nick Stefanelli will be selling breakfast sandwiches on Masseria's patio and Instagram influencers Tamon George and Gary Williams of Creative Theory will take portrait photos in the historic alley of 4th x Neal. Meet under the Yoko Ono mural on 6th Street for spoken word poetry and dance off the winter blues with DC’s favorite DJ's and live music.

Some of the featured attractions:
I'm not 100% clear on the hours. The webpage says 10am–5pm, but the original release indicated 9am-4pm. There's at least one event that starts at 9:30am, so draw your own conclusions. It can't hurt to show up early.


Anonymous said...

new trader joes is legit

poo said...

Man, I really hope Litteri's survives the marching ontogenesis of this area....

inked said...

Agreed. It's a nice Trader Joe's.

I suspect they'll be fine. A. Litteri has pretty broad appeal, and I've also noticed that the owner of 517 Morse St. NE shares a last name with one of the business' founders and a current owner. Owning your building helps a lot.

poo said...

Thanks, inked!
Trust you to have that info... That's awesome news. I can see it now - the whole place builds out and up, and they refuse to leave and get stuck in the middle of a vast gigantopolis. Like that house in Chinatown that wouldn't sell, no matter the price, and so they just built up around it. Then it became a pizzaria, and I have no idea what they're doing with it now.

Pretty sure they'll be fine, no matter what. It's the quality that will endure.