Thursday, July 12, 2018

Local News Round-Up: Turning Natural in Hot Water, More Distilling in Ivy City, & a Package Thief Caught


With all the recent coverage of Initiative 77 (which the DC Council seems likely to repeal) we heard a lot about wage theft concerns. Now a local business is in hot water over allegations of wage theft involving non-tipped employees. Turning Natural (1380 H Street NE), a juice bar that serves a short menu of food, is being sued by the Office of the Attorney General for failing to pay employees minimum wage and overtime, and also failing to provide paid sick leave as required by law. The OAG has posted a copy of the complaint (pdf) online. The Washington City Paper has more details in their piece D.C. Attorney General Takes Local Juice Company to Court Over Wage Theft Claims. Turning Natural currently has two locations in the District and one in Maryland, and is in the process of opening two other outposts (one in Shaw and one at National Harbor).

Eater reports that amaro maker Don Ciccio & Figli is relocating to 1907 Fairview Avenue NE in Ivy City. The distillery is currently located at 6031 Kansas Avenue NW. Eater indicates that the new facility will be larger and include a full bar. The move will add to Ivy City already thriving distillery scene that includes Jos. A. Magnus & Co. (2052 W. Virginia Avenue NE),  New Columbia Distillers (1832 Fenwick Street NE), Republic Restoratives (1369 New York Avenue NE), and One Eight Distilling (1135 Okie Street NE).

A man dragging a large trash bag out of an alley on Capitol Hill aroused police suspicions, and upon further investigation they found that the bag was full of stolen packages. This took place near 4th and A Streets NE, but I thought it might be of broader interest considering our local package theft issue. The Washington Post has the full story (Police see big trash bag dragged on Capitol Hill, ask questions, make arrest).

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