Friday, August 10, 2018

Local Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Candidates

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The Board of Elections has released the list of candidates for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner who turned in their petitions with the required number of signatures. There are likely to be some challenges to signatures, so some of these folks may not appear on the final ballots for the general election on November 6th. The asterisk next to a name identifies an incumbent.

I'd love to hear people's thoughts on the candidates and various issues in the ANCs and individual Single Member Districts. I am most familiar with ANC 5D, and the least familiar with ANC 7D. If you are running for ANC and want to get the word out about your candidacy, feel free to shoot me an email at elise.bernard[at] I'm happy to publish informational candidate statements. I'll definitely be covering at least some ANC races in more depth, but just check out the lists below for now. If you want to contact any of the candidates, their information is available if you follow the link on DCBOE's website for ANC Candidates in the November 6, 2018 General Election (scroll down to find it).

SMD Name Street Address Phone Email
5D01 Peta-Gay Lewis*  1868 Corcoran St. NE 202-683-0158
5D01 Ryan Linehan  1834 Central Pl. NE 740-438-2241
5D02 Keisha L. Shropshire*  1239 16th St. NE 202-904-4112
5D03 Steven Motley  1104 21st St. NE 202-250-1451
5D04 Bernice S. Blacknell*  2114 I St. NE 202-290-1024
5D05 Walter Teddy Largent Jr.  820 21st St. NE 202-556-5823
5D05 Sydelle Moore  813 20th St. NE 703-200-9807
5D06 Jason E. Burkett  1147 Oates St. NE 619-208-3276
5D06 Romello Goodman  1111 Orren St. NE 951-314-8524
5D07 Clarence Lee* 1519 Trinidad Ave. NE 202-550-2066 
SMD Name Street Address Phone Email
6A01 Marie-Claire Brown*  704 10th St. NE 202-277-8075 
6A02 Phil Toomajian* 631 10th St. NE
6A03 Mike Soderman*  217 10th St. NE 202-297-6777
6A03 Ramin Taheri  915 Maryland Ave. NE 917-250-4323
6A04 Amber Gove*  1216 Constitution Ave. NE 202-306-4116
6A05 Alan Chargin  1441 Duncan St. NE 202-999-2122
6A05 Ruth Ann Hudson  1315 Corbin Pl. NE 202-247-0107
6A06 H.J. Amons Sr.  1418 Q St. NE 202-903-3427 
6A06 Stephanie Zimny*  1368 Emerald St. NE
6A07 Sondra Phillips-Gilbert*  1744 E St. NE 202-421-0857
6A08 Brian Alcorn  31 15th St. NE 202-548-8133
SMD Name Street Address Phone Email
6C01 Christine Healey*  10 4th St. NE 202-271-5872
6C02 Karen Wirt*  234 E St. NE 202-547-7168
6C03 Jay Adelstein  315 7th St. NE 202-441-0778
6C04 Mark Eckenwiler*  312 E St. NE
6C05 Chad M. Ernst  519 H St. NE 703-517-9567
6C05 Joel Kelty  608 6th St. NE 202-905-2724
6C06 Robb Dooling  1160 1st St. NE 585-666-7364
SMD Name Street Address Phone Email
7D01  Tamara Blair  554 24th St. NE 202-399-1238
7D01  Meredith Holmgren  1910 C St. NE 202-815-7379
7D01  Veronica E. Raglin  408 21st St. NE 202-396-7653
7D02  Siraaj Hasan*  1104 42nd St. NE 202-903-9540 
7D03  Dorothy Douglas*  4401 Minnesota Ave. NE 202-640-9584 
7D03  Peter Espenschied  1610 Olive St. NE 202-362-0500 
7D03  Matinah Muhammad  4406 Quarles St. NE 202-398-8806
7D04  Cinque E. Culver  318 34th Pl. NE 202-907-8662
7D04  Mysiki Valentine  3423 Eads St. NE 202-683-0153
7D04 Jo-Anne Prue*  313 34th Pl. NE 202-997-5813
7D07  Artilie Wright  604 Parkside Pl. NE 202-460-9284


Mark said...

FYI, on mobile all of the even-numbered SMDs don't show up (black text on black background).

Annoyingmous said...

Am I missing something? Where's the Kathinator?

RPW said...

Kathy is running as an independent for ward 5 council. Surprised Butler is not running in 5D03.

inked said...

Ugh, I failed to check the mobile display. Will fix tonight. So sorry!

inked said...

Butler is running for Mayor as write-in

jadavis said...

on the dcboe’s website, walter teddy largent, jr, email address is listed as hmmmm...

inked said...

I added a couple of columns from my Excel chart & also fixed the background color so it should work for mobile now. Sorry about the initial issue for mobile users.

jadavis said...

already discouraged. tried to reach steven motley. email was returned...address could not be found; phone message...the person you are trying to reach is not available at this time.

Cro said...

Why is there a different name next to Kathy Henderson’s email address? Also really glad to see Sydelle step up for the race.

Anonymous said...

Teddy Largent is the new Kathy Henderson. Vote Sydelle!

Long Time Resident said...

Vote for Sydelle!

Annoyingmous said...

jadavis writes: "on the dcboe’s website, walter teddy largent, jr, email address is listed as hmmmm..."

I'm sorry, what's going on here?

Anonymous said...

I called the number, Kathy picked up

jadavis said...

will the real walter teddy largent, jr, please stand up? who is steve there a website for more info on his run for 5D03? again today message to email was returned.